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The Turkmen Gambit

November 21, 2010
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Russia is doing the same mistake over and over again, and is expecting a different result. In this game of energy, one must always respect the partners. Unfortunate comments by the Russian energy tzar, Sechin, are not something very new, these ideas are rooted deep within in our relations after 1991. Russia is still trying to rule, instead of pragmatic and objective co-operation approach.

And now we pledge gas for Nabucco. This is nothing new as well, just the continuation of our objective approach.

from BBC

IMHO, as long as we develop and sell the natural gas, before the era of renewables comes blessingly into reality, it doesn’t emotionally matter who’s the buyer. Russia or Europe, it doesn’t matter, but the customers should be respectful and objective. This Gambit should serve as another reminder for Russia, the old days are over. Turkmenistan in line with Kazakhstan and Turkey is becoming increasingly influential in the region, and is ready to push forward to protect its national interests.


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Turkmenistan, most hidden charity and Islam

September 9, 2010
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According to the survey – conducted by the UK’s Charities Aid Foundation the people of Turkmenistan are apparently the most generous in the world with their time. In overall rating, Turkmenistan took the 14th place in the world ranking of generosity and the 1st in the CIS and Central Asia. The results of the survey coincide with the final day of Ramadhan, the month of charity, zakat and fitr.

The idea is to promote giving and create a positive cycle in which society improves, people become happier and are therefore willing to give more.

However there’s also another trend that is not very transparent. In Central Asia in general, charity is not advertised or marketed. The left hand should be unaware of what the right hand is giving away. I’m almost sure that we can become the world’s No 1, given a few more years. Because Noble Prophet Muhammad (saw) has said: “The Auliya Allah – Friends of Allah (SWT) are, essentially and inherently, generous.”

Let’s help the poor, let’s help Pakistan’s flood victims, let’s help everyone, in His Name.

TAPI – how soon do we need it?

August 31, 2010
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We have Russian, Iranian and Chinese pipelines. Unfortunately Nabucco is still not in the list.

Fortunately all three of API (Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) are in good terms with us. Moreover, Pakistan and India are still hungry for natural gas and Afghanistan can make transit money. If you ask me, we should sell, and we should sell SOONER.

The global trend is towards shale and renewable; wind, solar and hydro. All big fish predict slow transition, but I predict a fast transition. Renewable will grow exponentially like Google and soon suffocate the classic Yahoo/traditional energy.

Another new player is LNG, it’s becoming as liquid and as easy to sell as oil crude. Very soon it will be cheaper to buy spot-price LNG than build multi-billion pipelines. As we don’t have an exit to the world oceans (except the Volga-Don channel), it will be difficult for Turkmenistan to enter the LNG waters.

If you ask me, build the pipeline sooner…

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*127# of Ramadhan

August 18, 2010
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MTS, the Russian MobileTeleSystems has introduced a free service in Turkmenistan, whereby one can easily check the fast/break fast time for today/tomorrow. I sincerely thank MTS for this move. Just dial *127# on your mobile in Turkmenistan.

While we can see now the penetration of marketing into normal traditional life, it’s still not enough for me. I want to see more and more. When Ramadhan will be celebrated as widely as New Year or 8th March, I will be more or less satisfied.

Way to go!

Shale gas and Turkmenistan

June 6, 2010

Okay, let’s all calm down. What is shale gas?

Shale gas is natural gas produced from shale. Shale gas has become an increasingly more important source of natural gas in the United States over the past decade, and interest has spread to potential gas shales in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Some analysts expect that shale gas will greatly expand worldwide energy supply. A study by the Baker Institute of Public Policy at Rice University concluded that increased shale gas production in the US and Canada could help prevent Russia and Persian Gulf countries from dictating higher prices for the gas it exports to European countries. The Obama administration in the US believes that increased shale gas development will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s all very nice and beautiful, however it takes time to learn technology and develop gas fields. After some time America’s shale gas revolution will definitely spread into Canada, Europe and Asia.

Demand and supply will add some pepper to this game. Companies and countries will run economics; is it cheaper to import gas from Turkmenistan, or is it cheaper to invest billions to produce gas from shale formations? It all takes time and considerations.
How much of the demand can be met by shale gas and how soon?
50% of demand? Then Turkmen gas is still in the game, aint it?

From the environmental point of view, there are concerns about water contamination, which coincides with global insufficient supply of drinking water. Environmental concerns will impact most decisions in Europe, which is densely populated.

The truth is; we all want miracles, but the real world works based on realities and economics. Only time will tell if we’re wrong about building East-West pipeline (which I think is a great project), there’s no need to assume that Ashgabat cannot run economics. Too frequently it was proven that Turkmenistan is right.

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Who will be more prepared next time

June 2, 2010
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Israel has advantage in using the best minds of former Soviet Union, especially when it comes to advanced science, telecommunications and defense technology.

It is the role of developing world to create opportunities for young scientists, to innovative institutions that will be linked to various industries, including defense industry.

The next phase of saving ourselves from constant violence of specific world powers, is – to be prepared…

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Israel’s end

May 31, 2010
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Everything under the sun has a beginning and an end. When you start killing people who were just trying to bring food to other people; then your end has neared. This ain’t no metaphysical talk, today I will talk psychology.

In 2005, some stupid cartoons united us against your products. Now we buy from East. In 2010 your actions might unite us against something bigger. At some point of time, the role of nationalism had to decrease, and we had to remember old roots, the faith that united us for centuries.

I admit that there’s a way to defeat humans, especially those lazy and greedy shadows, who have totally forgotten their past, and who they are. However, “fighting God”, Israel, is impossible. Let us see, history will show the results of your actions.

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Turkmenistan wants multi-party system, are we ready?

May 17, 2010
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If the leader says that we’re ready, then most probably we are. Officials have access to more data and can perform more accurate analysis.

From my humble part there is one concern only; we should closely follow how the new party develops, in order to protect it from any external influence.

On the positive side; most people in Turkmenistan welcome this development, as a step to a more democratic future. As more people get higher education, master/specialist degrees, open up to more cultures and more knowledge, it’s only natural that they will want a multi-party system.

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Sophie’s World

May 15, 2010
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This book will suck away whatever sanity you still have. This book isn’t for young minds, because young minds do not have enough immunity.

Although Sophie’s World is quite educational and tries to be objective, it still leads to the murky world picture, where half-confused, educated middle class will use this knowledge just to confuse others even more 🙂

The book doesn’t say that God doesn’t exist directly, more importantly it avoids writing about Islam at all. But as directly pointed by the book itself, the majority of population nowadays love discussing problems, but will do something only for own benefit or pleasure. There ain’t much dedication or faith. Even many believers are infected with this virus.

Putting a few of them aside, most philosophers don’t find answers in religion and start searching for truth and meaning elsewhere. There are many methods, functions and truths that can easily defeat this book and all of the world’s philosophy as a branch altogether. In twentieth century philosophy had it’s backbone broken by the Sufi masters, and existence of God was proven; of course to people who don’t choose to blindly and subjectively debate against obvious truth.

Yet again, we cannot deny the black role of “religion free riders”, who use His Name to carry on with their dirty deeds and plans. Most of the reaction to religion was either caused by these people; starting from Paul to the suicide-preparers of our days. Hence, the appearance of philosophers who use this as an excuse to blame God and His true servants.

The result of reading this book to an average person will be sad; just some more arrogance and empty words to discuss about.

Sincerely yours,
Nahili Samurai

Kyrgyzstan, Lehistan and Siamstan

April 11, 2010
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Today I mourn; for all the victims of all tragedies, that seem to pile on every day. Please don’t assume that I’m not grieving for every person; I just want to address reasons of disasters in my understading. Please forgive me if I go too far sometimes…

There are indistinct voices and vague patterns in the mist of global trends. One might think that there isn’t apparent connection between earthquake in Haiti and victims of Katyn, between violence in Kyrgyzstan and a stone thrown at a goose, by some toddler in Romania.

All the world’s a stage says Shakespeare, but maybe he didn’t refer to Sufi perception of the world. In Islam satan has no power, and both “good” and “evil” are created by God; with a goal of examination for our souls. But I digress, it’s all interconnected; the stone, the plane, the adultery in Haiti, the violent movie watched by a teenager in Thailand.

The global standoff between belief and disbelief. All the world’s a stage for The Standoff.

Letting people believe in force, that something can be resolved by force, is very stupid. Human problems cannot be resolved by force. However we’re continuously educated by “romantic” movies that “protect the weak” by “punishing the strong”. Young generations are losing respect for elders and respect for patient, dedicated work. As long as leaders will not understand the root reasons of The Standoff, they will suffer from rounds and rounds of violence and disasters. Only by curing the real hunger of people for faith and immortality, the tears will be stopped.

Another Stalins will shoot other officers in their own Katyns, Nankings, and anyhthing beyond human imagination. Haven’t we played enough with ideas and experiments? Can’t we just live for once in peace and prosperity? Why the urge to blame, fight and protest?

I wish everyone to find some peace in Faith.

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