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TAPI – how soon do we need it? | August 31, 2010

We have Russian, Iranian and Chinese pipelines. Unfortunately Nabucco is still not in the list.

Fortunately all three of API (Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) are in good terms with us. Moreover, Pakistan and India are still hungry for natural gas and Afghanistan can make transit money. If you ask me, we should sell, and we should sell SOONER.

The global trend is towards shale and renewable; wind, solar and hydro. All big fish predict slow transition, but I predict a fast transition. Renewable will grow exponentially like Google and soon suffocate the classic Yahoo/traditional energy.

Another new player is LNG, it’s becoming as liquid and as easy to sell as oil crude. Very soon it will be cheaper to buy spot-price LNG than build multi-billion pipelines. As we don’t have an exit to the world oceans (except the Volga-Don channel), it will be difficult for Turkmenistan to enter the LNG waters.

If you ask me, build the pipeline sooner…


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  1. which pipeline is… from where to where?

    Turkmenistan to India? Interesting…I ll google more on this… sounds interesting…

    Comment by UTP — September 6, 2010 @ 2:22 am

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