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Operation Gladio

March 28, 2009
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Gladio logo

Gladio logo

Paramilitary, secret organization used for sabotage, guerilla warfare, massacre and assassinations – Gladio. Discovered and went to court in Italy. Although stay-behind organizations are said to be set up against possible invasion of Soviet Union, they were sponsored by CIA, linked to masonic lodges, Nazi groups and ruling elite.

Overall, even if West claims to be pro-democratic, it’s unclear whose interests governments protect more; ruling elite and CIA or own citizens…

All “big” countries don’t care about democracy when it comes to national interests and protection of elite. Remember 4 British spies caught near embassy in Moscow and

“We have caught them red-handed for their secret work and for funding several NGOs. The goals of the funding will be thoroughly investigated,” Ignatchenko said.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that any country will be attacked as soon as it falls weak in military terms, and if a superpower isn’t shielding it. Every country is full of spies from so-called “democratic” or “anti-democratic” countries. It doesn’t matter. They all want to conquer.

Russian intelligence and mass media work very hard to get ex-Soviet members back into the federation. Obama also won’t hesitate if he sees some opportunity to earn money. It doesn’t matter if Bush is gone, the neo-cons are still there.

Ergenekon network, the Turkish version of Gladio has revealed the extents to which people of elite are willing to go, in order to keep power and illegal money sources. They’re willing to kill as many as it takes without any remorse, to initiate bloody massacres and to assassinate influential people.

Currently, thanks God, we don’t have these problems here. But for our nation, these are warning signals for the future: we need to be very careful with foreigners, ultra-nationalists and masonic lodges. Although there are many good people among them, frequently they can turn into intelligece and mafia structures.