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Hacı Şakir: best shampoo ever

January 30, 2009


I learned that Haci Shakir was sold to Colgate-Palmolive in 2006, thanks to comments. Hmm, not gonna buy it again. But since I’m admitting my mistake, I want this post to stay as it is!

What are the qualities of a great shampoo?

-cleans the hair
-produces good foam
-smells good
-makes your hair healthier & better

Which shampoo does all of the above, without any side results? Hacı Şakir.

Unilever might be the biggest and strongest shampoo (and other things) maker on the globe, with Dove and Sunsilk in the team… But there’s a better alternative:Hacı Şakir.

Wars are increasingly economy-based. Buy one less Unilever product and that bullet won’t be fired at a Palestinian child! Besides Unilever is critisized for; deforestation,for testing products on animals, for making use of child labour, racism and sexism, among others.

As wealth starts flowing in, through the natural gas pipelines, let’s spend it on great products from great companies 😀


And…I was right about family time :)

January 26, 2009

Guess what, your fellow Nahili comes to work this morning and gets the system running. Didn’t have to work on weekends after all 🙂

Humans need to rest, and come to work with fresh and clear head-lah.

By the way we went to the Ashgabat Zoo again. Remind to post photos here. And it’s still the old Zoo. I think the New Zoo is being built right now, and I hope they hurry. Because the conditions for the animals at the old Zoo are not nice. The water for fish is cold, the monkeys were taken away, since their cells are too cold in winter… Some of water birds are safeguarded away as well. The smell and stench are still there… Anyway, I’m glad the new Zoo is being built. After all, it’s the 21st century.

By the way Jonathan, they show one Zoo in Netherlands on TV, and it’s great. They have all kinds of animals and plants. If I was in Netherlands, I would certainly visit.

The light of Quran is absolutely powerful. It can become a guideline for career, motivation and organizational studies. Clear your mind, The Creator will take care of the future. Don’t worry. Just work. Just do it Nahili…

And now I’m going home

January 24, 2009

It’s 14:00 on Saturday. Which means that I can go home. And I’m going. The Man can wait, the world can wait. I care only about

a. Eating on time
b. Taking kids to the zoo today
c. Doing my hobby
d. Sleeping
e. Overall resting

Who cares about the rest? Not me, unless I get super bonuses for extra work.

Work obsession

January 24, 2009
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‘Tis true that obsession can make a breakthrough. If you have your own business, then I fully support you. If you work for the Man, and you’re still a workaholic, the you have a problem.

There’s an organization called Workaholics Anonymous. Seek help please!
Here’s a Workaholic Test

The man will only pay you as much as he pays to others. Why starin yourself?

On the other hand if you have your own business, then you can have a flexible schedule and spend time with your family.

Damn the Man and those who created him.

Let’em customers wait

January 24, 2009
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Let the customers wait, especially if you sell technology.

  1. Make sure every functionality is present before ordering the product.
  2. Make sure everything works 100% every time you press the Power button, before delivering the product.
  3. Let the boss wait, don’t hurry. Better postpone the delivery for a week than spend 3 months later on fixing the damn thing
  4. Go home and spend time with family, work never ends
  5. Ignore collegues, if they’re nasty. Be friends if they’re good.
  6. Nothing and nobody can make you unhappy at work. Let the world wait.

Irish proverb: God made time, but man made haste.

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Sleep schedule for enlightenment

January 24, 2009

22:00 – Sleep
05:00 – Wake up & work
09:00 – Job
18:00 – Go home
19:00 – Eat, play
21:00 – Work
22:00 – Sleep

Sleep for 6-7 hours minimum. Otherwise you’ll go lunatic.

Sleep is mostly missed because of various stresses. Stresses reduce sleep time. It’s a bad circle… Why worry if Creator provides you with everything you need? Worrying will just make your mind clogged and unable to think fast. Submission rocks, since it eliminates the stress (yes, the stress about money).

Interesting links:Human Brain – Sleep and Stress , Sleep Deprivation

Jai Hind!

Minding own business

January 17, 2009
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If everyone (including me) did his/her/its job, instead of minding global issues, and changing the system, then we would be already as developed as EU or US. And people would be less boring 😀

For your consideration…

A different tree

January 14, 2009
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The tree just stood there, in cold winter weather. A spruce, coloured in bluish green. And I went travelling inside of it, enjoying the view of every branch, every twig… And I accelerated and got a fast nice 3D effect, some good pace, but no blurring effect. Everything was crisp and fresh.

And I saw how calm the tree was, how peaceful. It’s role was to be a tree. Just a tree. And people admired it for being a tree, and never demanded extra things from it. Like “run and fetch me some coffee” etc. It was useful as it is. And it would be stupid to want something more.

And then I met it’s soul. Yes, the tree was alive. It knew Who created it, with what purpose; and never tried to revolt. It never tried to shake off the birds that sang during prayer time (or, maybe prayed during the prayer time), and never raised its fists to the skies, and never demanded an answer for one question “Why?”. The soul of the tree wasn’t given The Choice and The Exam. But, I still liked the tree, for being a good tree.

And then I wondered how others didn’t see the beauty of it… and how I never before saw it. Every tree, every cat, every ant, every person. How different and alike, You created them…

And then I wrote this post, and then I wondered “should I share it?” But then, I’m not greedy, and it’s not mine anyway. Here’s your different tree!