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The end of time

April 11, 2010
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There’s an Irish saying: When God made time, he made plenty of it. As soon as you accept this, and more importantly believe in this… Here at this point, people tend to make politically correct statements that belief is something very flexible; but I can’t. To stop time itself, you have to believe in God.

Julian Barbour argues that time exists merely as an illusion. Truth is; He who created time and our view of time and our memories and mortals and immortality, and knows our beginnings and our ends; maybe from His perspective there’s no such thing as “time controlling or influencing something”. Everything is quite finished and just beginning at the same “time”. Here’s another difficult point, where minds will slip into questions about Destiny. But I won’t go into that.

Time is nothing, and it makes no sense to delude ourself with daily work inside well cleaned, but small, reminding of prison cells, cubicles; just with a fruitless hope of a better tomorrow. There will never be a better tomorrow, there’s only best now and even better afterlife. And that’s how I think a man can defy time itself.


Clicking soles

April 10, 2010
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Last month I bought a pair of shoes. They were “Made in China” and very cheap. The thing I didn’t realize is; they were clicking. Because my mind is aimlessly wandering around, I can never do proper shopping.

Instead of calling ’em “clicking heels”, I had to name them “clicking soles”. Because they’re men shoes. However they had an advantage of notifying people of my proximity. I hate surprising people with my suddent appearance.

After their quick and sudden death, I bought new shoes. I made sure they didn’t click and were as silent as possible. Clicking soles are good to make people aware of your presence, but its both funny and disgusting to see their disappointed faces when they discover me, instead of a pretty girl.

Now I’m wearing a hitman’s silent shoes. Women with children on the streets are intimidated by my sudden proximity. I don’t mean to scare them, I’m just crossing the streets, The ALmighty hasn’t blessed me even with a small Opel, I still walk in this city of clicking dreams. No one should assume that I’m loathing for a car; I just don’t want to scare poor moms walking together with their kids.

Next time I will buy semi-soft soles.

Turkmen Samurai

April 4, 2010
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According to most specialists: The term “samurai” comes from the Japanese word saburau, meaning “to serve”.

The only source of endless motivation, is to serve, based on my humble experience. No other activity, philosophy or thought can be so conquering and provocatively simple to human heart as modest service.

While the world is shocked by problems and diseases, while everything is measured in money… we Turkmens have probably found the only way to win 21st century – to serve.

True piety

March 16, 2010
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Is it hidden behind robes and candles? Behind beards and monastery walls? Wikipedia finds roots of it in Latin “devout” or “good”… Is piety Latin, or is it Western?

May pious people dance? May they laugh? Does public opinion even matter to “truly pious” people?

In my opinion piety is “how close you feel yourself to God”. Everything else just follows…

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December 3, 2009
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Bedew pictures

December 2, 2009

In relation to Bedew region of Ashgabat post.

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I’m the first of me – Hoobastank

December 1, 2009
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“The First Of Me” – link

I must make a choice
A tough decision
Listen to my voice
Should I give in
To temptation, admiration
One leads to myself
The other some one else
Just an empty shell
Just an empty shell

It’s harder than it seems
When you’re told that
All your hopes and dreams
Are yours to hold if
You just give them
What’s expected
Something they can sell
Put upon a shelf
But I am not for sale
I am not for sale

I here a voice inside
It’s grown into a scream
I’m not the next of them
I am the first of me
’cause I can’t live the lie
I am just what you see
I’m not the next of them
I am the first of me

If I can’t refuse
The price they offer
I am sure to lose
And I will suffer
Sell my soul to make a profit
All I have to do
Is make believe it’s true
That something I can’t do
That something I can’t do


So when the waiting’s done
It’s time to face the truth
You know you’re good enough
Deep down inside of you

You’ve finally woken up
If only just to prove
You were born to lead the way
And be the first of you

Assimilation, not integration

December 1, 2009
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All they way; they wanted us to sell our cultures and beliefs for “consumption” society and relative comfort of Europe. They never wanted integration.

It’s not about minarets, it’s about fear of losing control. Okay, I understand that. But don’t talk democracy when commenting my lands. Undertand the internal structure of your own organizm, before venturing out and critisizing mine.

Never undermine the principles

December 1, 2009
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If the principle says; you cannot read a book, unless you buy it… then you MUST buy it. Man, this was so difficult to let go off…

However if we undermine our principles, we will never ever succeed. So, let go of a few bucks.

Bus number 56

December 1, 2009
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There’s always a bus that goes directly to your house; and there’s usually one that passes close enough, but still it’s not your bus.

So, while waiting for bus 56, bus 48 suddenly came, and I thought to myself “Just wait for your bus, it’s YOUR bus, not SOME bus”. And so I waited until my bus came. Because if it didn’t come, I would just walk or take a taxi.

Not a step back. Win-Win or No-Deal 😀

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