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Programming on 1 PC

February 26, 2009
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Laptops, notebooks and other mobile tools are great to save us from scatterbraining, that results from carrying projects from one location to another on USB drives.

Eventually I got super-tired of this approach and now I carry my engineering notebook (although it weighs around 7kg). The burden of a scattered-brain is heavier than the weight of a notebook.

On the other hand, it startles me how old-fashioned and conservative I’m getting… I got so solid that I will only pay attention to serious projects and serious money, otherwise forget about my attention… I dunno if this is good or bad, I just realize that if I take a job, then I’m fully responsible for the outcome. Also, I’m responsible for my family. So, there ain’t much choice…


The Downfall

February 14, 2009
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Eventually comes The Moment of Truth, when The Rise is over and The Downfall begins again.


At this moment the sympthoms are;

  • The Dreaming of future, instead of enjoying The Now
  • Conversations with The Inner Opponent
  • Doing several things simultaneously, The Multitasking
  • Building The Defense
  • The Accusing of other people
  • seeking The Praise

In order to turn The Rise&Fall into simply The Rise, probably one needs to be careful about the dangers of going back into abovementioned stupid habits. It’s not life, it’s hell…

Here’s my perception of a Rise without the Downfalls:

The Rise

The Rise

The concepts are getting clearer, because this time I documented the whole process twice. Two rises and two falls. I know now about the pits. But can I avoid them?

The joy of life

February 9, 2009
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  • I enjoy the sunshine
  • I enjoy the songs of birds
  • I enjoy problems and their solution
  • I enjoy good times
  • I enjoy neon lights and the hum of the market
  • I enjoy buying bananas
  • I enjoy blogging

Life is only good. Whatever comes from Him is good. Every person is good, even a bad person is good, since he won’t be able to do anything outside His domain. The skies are good, and the ground is good.

The RF frequencies are good, the “foreach” loop in programming is good. The curcuits and operating systems are good. The marketing formulae is good. All has become one, and the One is Him.

Enjoy life!

This is happening to you! Are you paying attention Nahili?

February 2, 2009
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Are you paying attention to this post right now Nahili? Or you imagine how others will comment? Or you think about another sales offer and bonuses? Which is it?

Do you even enjoy blogging, or this is just to please your ego? Watch me world, I’m writing about enlightenment and Turkmenistan, praise me, applaud me… Even if most ideas are not even yours. They belong to Magtymguly, Mevlana and Yunus Emre… But you want the credit, don’t you?

What are you thinking about while eating? Are you eating or watching TV; do you enjoy the food sent by Creator, or do you follow another news channel? Why can’t you pay attention to the food?

Why do you live artificial life, instead of just living? Just blogging ain’t enough for you? Or just working and getting things done… Why browse Internet while you should be working?

Are you paying attention to the fresh air and colours of the sky while walking? Or do you plan another task… Why do you mix all of these, instead of following the natural order? Answer me Nahili, and you might find some answers yourself…