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Domain names in Turkmen alphabet?

October 31, 2009
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Finally and yess, finally for example http://www.gökçaý.com will be available. For some people, like me, it’s a dream come true.

Web is getting better every day, really.


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About the weather

October 31, 2009
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The weather is exceptionally good these days in Ashgabat. I enjoy weeks of fall. Eh, the cold winter is around the corner. The flu and the sneezing… brrr…

Makes you remember good old days, buy some last fruits at the market; grapes or pomegranates, bring them home.

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Light and science

October 26, 2009

The light and most clever people of Turkmenistan met in Chicago in September. Since, I’m neither I was in Balkanabat at the time…

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Bedew region of Ashgabat

October 20, 2009
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Bedew started out as a cafeteria+a few stores in 1990’s. The stores sold construction products; such as paint, door locks, cement etc. etc. The cafeteria, titled, guess how: “Bedew”, sold, guess what: Turkmen dishes. Including such delicious meals as; manty, fitchi, chal, palow etc.

Recipe for Success: Cheap and Local Taste products. With the construction boom of Ashgabat + hosting the ONLY normal Turkmen cafeteria in the whole city lead to unrivaled success story. People would eat there and shop there.

The spread of small business ideas in Turkmenistan
In Turkmenistan businesses like to learn from their neighbours. Hey, if she bakes Turkmen bread, so can I! This leads for example to a whole street of bread bakers (Sewernaya street of Hitrowka). Same thing happened to Bedew. Before you know it, houses were transformed into shops; and now there’s a long street with extensions of Bedew.

You can buy almost anything in Bedew now, from construction materials to electronics and furniture. Bedew rocks Ashgabat with low prices and local food.

Way to go!

P.S. Now that I have a normal handphone, I will try to produce a “photo post” about Bedew soon.

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