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Office Politics & Envy

September 30, 2007
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Friendship for motivation

The reason for any conflict? When there’s something limited; oil, water, a job, a promotion… Two or more sides want to get this limited resource, and the conflict erupts!

Take any conflict in the world and around you. You will find that the reason is always the same. What about office politics, when does that start. Its envy. And envy comes from limited resources as well. You know projects, salary increase, success…

Do you hear someone muttering and grumbling about you? Does it make you angry and nervous? It sure takes all my motivation and focus away. ‘Coz those mutterers kick you in the weakest spots (mine was coming late to work). But don’t worry, usually it’s some losers who complain all their lives. Of course they complain when someone starts working and being productive. For them, it’s easier to “office politics” you down than change themselves and start working for real.

The solution is very easy. Make scarce resource available to them! It will address the root of the problem, plus they were asking for it! See if they can handle a difficult project! If they can, its great, if they can’t, they will have to stop muttering 😀 (probably they won’t).

My solution didn’t work? Let the losers mutter and complain, keep changing the world, don’t look back. Real talent can’t be buried by office politics, and usually everyone knows who delivers and who complains.

If we could just help each other and drive our companies to the top! Alas, world is not perfect, there is envy & there are conflicts.


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Another dimension of focus

September 27, 2007

Self illumination

I was reminded that great minds discuss ideas, while average minds discuss events and weak minds discuss other people. All the time my blog was probably a mixture of these. Now it’s time to decide 😀

On this blog, let’s focus on ideas for great minds. Because event discussions and gossips are already a commodity on Internet. Here’s a quote from Seth Godin:

The thing is, the stuff that’s for everybody is already sold to everybody. So you can’t win by being more average than average, because that slot’s taken.

I sincerely hope that addition of this new dimension will make Nahili blog even more innovative and focused.

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A Blogger’s fantasies list by Rajesh Setty

September 25, 2007
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Car plate - Blogger

Internet loves lists, I guess Internet loves useful lists even more. So, here’s an excellent list for bloggers, to remind about true ‘blogging values’. (Did I just say ‘blogging values’???)

I liked these 3 the most:

Fantasy #1: You think you are important because you are blogging.
Reality #1: A blogger can become important by his accomplishments. Blogging can enhance it. Well, there are some bloggers who are famous just by their blogging. You can try to copy them if you want to chase exceptions.

Fantasy #10: Blogging is the short-cut to reach a lot of people
Reality #10: It may very well be. However, for the other person to trust you, your public identity and the quality of your blog becomes important. It is one thing to get someone to visit your blog once and it’s a whole different thing for someone to visit your blog again and again.

Bonus Fantasy #11: Having a blog is cool
Bonus Reality #11: Having a powerful identity and a good blog is cool

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Family Time

September 24, 2007

Fairy Tales Park - Ashgabat

If we stop planning for some Family Time, then soon we might start planning for a new family. So, today my family made me take them to the so-called “Disney” amusement park, which is officially titled “Turkmen Fairy Tales World”. This was our first time, the weather was great, and we liked it.

The result: one scared kid (the big snake started talking and hissing), one tired kid (I’m too small for amusement parks), two happy grownups (kids slept for hours after the park).

The whole thing was probably possible because I gave up chasing multiple purposes in my life. Recently I had a terrible schedule; job, another job, martial arts practice, code, read, family, friends… Now its much simpler; work, family, read. Of course I do other stuff as well, but I managed to get my focus back. My health has greatly improved, the jeans are getting smaller again.

Therefore, I Solemnly Swear: I will not dedicate my time to anything new, if it might steal my Family Time, or pose serious risks for my health or sanity.

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Pink Watermelons for Dummies

September 21, 2007


I went to local market to buy a watermelon today, and found out one merchant was giving a real good deal; 10 000 manats for one watermelon. I asked him to cut one open, we Turkmens usually check them before buying. But then the seller’s mother (I guess) started a rant on the quality of her fruits, and that there’s no need to check them. I insisted on checking. Then she said they don’t provide plastic bags for a product that costs only 10 000 . She made me feel cheap. I left their place immediately and bought a bigger fruit from another merchant for 22 000, of course I checked it first.

Compare the above to a part of email I got today from Razoo, a social cause website:

Hi Nahili,

We wanted to thank you for your contribution to Razoo as the new moderator of You Name!. Although you can’t exactly define the agenda for UN meetings or set the price of oil, you do have some significant responsibility. Razoo is a community-driven platform, so we rely on experts like you to make it a place where good things happen. We don’t expect you to spend every waking hour on the site, but we do ask that you do what you can to foster a community that facilitates collaboration and positive change. The world won’t change itself, so we need people like you to lead the charge.


Thanks again!

The Razoo Team

Wow, I felt the difference. They noticed that I spent some of my precious time on their website. I also want to use this occasion to thank everyone that reads my blog: Thanks for finding time to read my rants.

On the other hand you never know… I recently found out most women don’t like pink technology. I foolishly assumed women would naturally go for pink cell phones, PCs and laptops. In a world where women get empowered more and more the reality is: only 9% might go for “teen & pink” technology. So, although we customers want our ego fed, we don’t want stupid marketing as well. Women drive big Toyotas and own advanced cellphones even in Turkmenistan nowadays. It’s not just an Asian Age, its also a Women Age. Here’s a free business idea; open a tech shop in Ashgabat where women would feel particularly comfortable, and where sellers don’t assume women are stupid when it comes to technology.

P.S. There’s a business where pink is used wisely: Pink Ladies. Yes this is also a free business idea for Turkmenistan.

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Two kinds of ‘don’t know’

September 19, 2007
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Seth Godin’s post on ‘don’t know’ reminded me of my own shortcomings. There is truly an inner lazy me, who tries to avoid learning and work because of fear. And there is another me who really doesn’t know the subject yet.

I used to think “Japanese is difficult” in high school, but watching anime in college (mostly Naruto & Rurouni Kenshin type) ignited an interest in Japanese. I managed to learn some Japanese after all 😀

Just like that, many people blame circumstances, life, destiny, other people in their own failures… When in reality its just their ego, trying to hide behind foolish excuses, such as I don’t know. I’ve witnessed people declining job offers, not applying for scholarships, wasting lives, staying at jobs they hate… Because they “didn’t know” they were afraid.

Marketing is relevant to this, because marketing can make ‘overcoming I don’t knows’ cool, very cool.

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Turkmentel 2007

September 17, 2007
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Turkmentel 2007

Turkmentel 2007 is a telecommunications exhibition in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Main point; People are looking for telecom solutions, and those who manage to do the marketing right – can get real good deals.

Some did lottery, some put splendid lights & LCD TVs, some did discount sales… And there was a Motorola conference. I think it was a very nice move – Motorola managed to give the customers a focus on their products.

During the conference I witnessed the effect of well prepared presentation on listeners. Once you start using less text and more images, less technicality and more real-life examples, less bulleted lists and more fun… Once you start respecting peoples’ time… Then you start becoming a better presenter, a better seller, a better problem solver. And eventually a better earning man for your kids.

As for the organization of Turkmentel 2007 – it was excellent. Exhibition was held in the new building: clean, organized, friendly. Thanks to everyone who was involved in organization!

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The Nurana Restaurant

September 12, 2007
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shepherd’s salad

The restaurant business in Turkmenistan is kinda unique & strange. It’s divided into 2 categories: Old school & modern. The old school type is rooted in Soviet type restauraunts; they’re noisy, expensive and cluttered. The food is undercooked, the music is archaic. The modern type aims to please customers (usually youngsters or foreigners) with nice atmosphere, cleanliness and friendliness. The food is well prepared by chefs, trained waitresses are clean & nice, the music and/or TV are non-disturbing.

Why would anyone go to the old type? Well, older generation feels uncomfortable in these clean, friendly and shiny restaurants. They also think modern restaurants are very expensive. In fact its vice-versa. The new ones are cheaper, or have the same prices.

Recently I was lucky enough to stumble upon a very nice modern restaurant. The title is Nurana, the location is Mir-3 Ashgabat, building: Santa Barbara. Food is Turkish, waitresses appear to be trained, prices are OK, everything is clean. Their target: Turkish citizens that reside at Mir district, younger generation that is not afraid of shiny restaurants, some people from older generation (those who don’t drink much) that will ultimately switch to good restaurants.

There you go, I’ve given all the tips on how to choose a proper restaurant in Ashgabat. If you drink a lot, then go for the “old school”, if you’re normal then go for the modern type.

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Wrong business startup

September 11, 2007
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My Startup Life

Recently I was severely hit by govt restrictions on Web business – meaning no Web business is allowed right now. Therefore I plunged in search of alternative (and ultimately better) ways to express my Web potential. I didn’t give up, I’m a stubborn guy after all. I was reading and redefining my knowledge structure.

I’ve learned there is no traditional knowledge in business & technology. It’s all fluctuating and changing, and I must change my thinking & working strategies constantly.

So, now everything will work in a different manner. Slow, winning the hearts of people one by one. And everything I do for Web – absolutely free.

Some enterpreneurs start young, very young. Like Ben Casnocha who wrote the book My Startup Life, and by the time they go to college they already know the essentials. I hope one day we will have very very young enterpreneurs in Turkmensitan, and they will learn to avoid mistakes early.

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“Bal Gaymak” ice-cream focuses on quality

September 10, 2007
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some ice-cream

The “Bal Gaymak” (translated as Honey Cream) ice-cream maker focuses on quality over growth. “We prefer to make better ice-cream and win the hearts of our consumers” tells me a guy from Bal Gaymak, “we sell to special places, not to everyone, and wait for the word to spread”.

Wow, excellent, 21st century marketing! And it took me several years to understand this simple thing. Damn!

Bigger Isn’t Always Better has a few related posts about this simple truth. Focus ladies & gentlemen. Focus is everything! “We sell everything to everyone” notto is the sure way to lose everything.

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