Nahili Samurai


Nahili Mantra: Blogging about innovation & enlightenment in Turkmenistan

Nahili Manifesto: There’s little presence of our soul life & innovation on the Web. There’s almost no content in English that highlights private business and other achievements. Nahili blog is personal & unofficial. No one sponsors it. I try to evaluate things from a private Turkmen perspective.

I don’t care about anyone’s nationality or race. Still, being normally patriotic & supporting own businessmen and philosophy won’t hurt anyone.

Co-authors: If you find something positive and innovative anywhere in the world, I will be happy to post it! But please don’t send negative or official stuff. This blog is strictly unofficial. Thank You!



  1. […] his manifesto, he declares: Nähili Manifesto: There’s little presence of our private business & innovation […]

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  2. […] его манифесте говорится: На интернет-пространстве практически не […]

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  3. You have the most interesting blog about your country that I have ever found on the web. I’m glad to have rediscovered your blog in its new location. I was worried when your old blog disappeared.

    Comment by Curious Dhimmi — December 28, 2008 @ 7:41 am

  4. I often quote Heinrich Boll for this: “I can’t stop writing”.

    Of course, I’m too lazy and simple, to write something good and big. But I also can’t stop anymore.

    Thank You very much for reading my humble blog!!! I hope it gives some info on life in Turkmenistan…

    Comment by nahili — December 29, 2008 @ 2:36 am

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