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Chocolate lady – Шоколадница

November 27, 2007

Chocolate lady - Шоколадница

A few good men decided to have some tea in Ashgabat. And finally, thanks to globalization, there’s a decent chocolate house. The famous Russian company Шоколадница (Shokoladnitsa) is booming in Russia and ex-USSR. I guess they decided to open a cafe in Ashgabat…

I just wish I could show you their arrays of tea and coffee jars, waitresses’ aprons, their teapot… It was fascinating, felt like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There’s a stark difference between this miracle and old Slastena cafe for example. I still remember the most horrible service in that “we want ur money” cafe. I don’t care that this is yet another Russian business in Ashgabat. Damn, the waitress of Shokoladnitsa approached us again and asked: “Do you guys want anything else?” And this is not an expensive restaurant…

Starbucks is late, Russians are already here 😉

P.S. Actually I’m not 100% sure that it’s Russian. It might be local. I’m a mere customer too, just guessing…


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Want success? Find the right environment…

November 26, 2007
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Environment affects the way we develop, and it usually matters where one comes from. Once you say the magic words “I’m from Wonderland”, all the stereotypes about wonderlanders arrange nicely in people’s heads. Because, yes, usually wonderlanders are similar in many ways! Of course, wonderlanders are most successful in Wonderland, their “natural habitat”.

Probably Bill Gates wouldn’t suceed in making licenced software in China, and Quentin Tarantino wouldn’t make his super-genius-thrilling movies in Turkey… The environment should support the genius of the creative minds, otherwise intelligence will just run away. Like scientists that escaped Russia of the 1990s’.

These things are simple and obvious, yet some people struggle in wrong environments. Which one is right? I dunno. Sometimes struggle brings a great prize in the end, but mostly environments never change…

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Average is not for me – Zen Buddhism

November 24, 2007

Average is not for me - Zen Buddhism

“A teenage boy is humbly seeking enlightenment. Willing to pay extra attention to any religion, idea, path, method, movement that promises a clear answer to one simple question: Why am I here?”

Disillusioned by the philosophies of the West, now I turned for an answer to East. With my weak body and weak soul… That’s how I fell in love with martial arts. Three times a week I would get on a bus and go all the way to “Lokomotiv” sports base near the Ashgabat train station, to learn something called Hanmudo. Basically, a friend recommended this Korean art to me, they didn’t charge much and didn’t hit you on the head – perfect!

I never used my skills to fight, not even once; too concerned about breaking someone’s limb, and not being able to fix it. So, I focused on defense and Zen instead. Our trainer was trying to share some Zen knowledge with us, for example once he gave a speech on “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. I was fascinated, I bought as much books as I could afford at the time (1998 -1999). Yes, there are some signs of answer to “Why?” in Buddhism, yet I didn’t find a clear, solid answer. A set of moral values and cycles of “good life = good reincarnation”. And?.. What happens after enlightenment?

Still, I believe East is still a teacher while West is forever a mere student. To understand East better I had to enjoy lots of books & movies. Best things; Shōgun by James Clavell, and the rest of his Asian Saga, Rurouni Kenshin, Peacemaker Kurogane, Fruits Basket, Adventures of Erast Fandorin by Boris Akunin and many others. I never read serious books on Zen Buddhism, people like me have to see the big picture first, and only then discover the details. I never saw the big picture of Zen…

On Selling…

November 21, 2007
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Selling Value post on the brand builder really impressed me. Now I understand why so many of my creative suggestions at work are being turned down. The old article Why I Never Hire Brilliant Men furhter convinced me that high IQ and creativity are not true drivers of success. Once again Persistence, Focus and Attention are more important for success…

Yesterday night I read about The First Rule of Selling. Today, I saved some good money during sales negotiations. That’s why reading all these “Edge” blogs is worthy. They’re free and they share wisdom of many years!

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Barber shops for shy people!

November 20, 2007

Barber shops for shy people!

I’m a very shy person. I hate being exposed during something as personal as getting a haircut. But all barber shops are “euro-style” now. Glasses instead of walls, even ceilings are mirrored! The only entertainment in all shops: TV with naked people enjoying rap music…

I will pay 3 times more to anyone who opens a barber shop for normal people, or a De Luxe. With normal walls and just one mirror per customer. A nice Russian Orthodox SPAS channel would be the best thing to watch. I want a reception and booking service as well.

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Gokdepe – Turkmens are forever free!

November 19, 2007

Gokdepe - Turkmens are forever free!

If a global power, with technology far better than yours decides to invade and oppress your country… You unite and give them a mortal combat; to WIN or DIE as a nation. If a nation is totally eliminated like my ancestors in Gokdepe, a few remaining children can “remake” the nation in a few generations, each family having around 10 kids.

Now, no one can say Turkmens surrendered. We didn’t: everyone died taking as much enemies together in the process. I would recommend this strategy to any nation anytime. Fight as a nation, don’t go blasting separately like idiots!

Solution to madness – marketing better ways…

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Sense of humour in blogging

November 19, 2007
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Sense of humour in blogging

Any focused investigation is worthy, especially if the researcher has good sense of humour. Who says “Robot uprising or zombie apocalypse? Pick your doomsday scenario” is a useless post? I truly believe I’m more informed about Robot vs Zombie doomsday scenarios now!

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MCT Agency – Consulting business!

November 18, 2007
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MCT Agency - Consulting business!

MCT Agency is a relatively new company, yet it’s already an overwhelming success story. It turns out – our business world really welcomes consulting and training services. Business etiquette, negotiations without defeat, time management, psychology of conflict… are just a few of the training titles.

According to Tom Peters – consulting (professional service firms) is one of best ways to survive globalization. In a world where China manufactures virtually anything, intellectual and creative approach is important for survival of knowledge economies.

I sincerely wish MCT Agency even more success. I’m thrilled by their innovative approach; consulting, mailing lists, marketing strategy… Cool!!!

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November 17, 2007


People only care about the brightest, most controversial, No.1 issues nowadays. Check news headlines – deaths, debates, wars… Ordinary things don’t make it to the top. “something something… at somewhere” was a hot post for a few days in one university. Then it got too much attention; bloggers got scared of the virus they’ve spread and removed the posts. Of course!!! If the story is not 100% solid, then it won’t survive.

I guess it’s important to spread positive information. Positive creates more positive, dialogue is always better than monologue, “open-mind” is still a difficult status…

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The downfall of Linkin Park

November 15, 2007
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The downfall of Linkin Park

Linkin Park created millions of fans worldwide by first two Nu Metal albums – Hybrid Theory, Meteora. But then “having it both ways” happened, Linkin Park went rapping with Jay-Z, and fans were disappointed. Ice-cream is either rich or light. Linkin Park made the biggest marketing mistake; we rockers don’t appreciate rappers – their values are “a bit different”.

One can’t choose parents or motherland. But people have to decide what they stand for, and choose one girl to marry, one set of values to follow, one company to work for, one best friend…

P.S. I finally found time to turn off unnecessary windows services. PC workin’ faster 😀

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