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Sophie’s World

May 15, 2010
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This book will suck away whatever sanity you still have. This book isn’t for young minds, because young minds do not have enough immunity.

Although Sophie’s World is quite educational and tries to be objective, it still leads to the murky world picture, where half-confused, educated middle class will use this knowledge just to confuse others even more 🙂

The book doesn’t say that God doesn’t exist directly, more importantly it avoids writing about Islam at all. But as directly pointed by the book itself, the majority of population nowadays love discussing problems, but will do something only for own benefit or pleasure. There ain’t much dedication or faith. Even many believers are infected with this virus.

Putting a few of them aside, most philosophers don’t find answers in religion and start searching for truth and meaning elsewhere. There are many methods, functions and truths that can easily defeat this book and all of the world’s philosophy as a branch altogether. In twentieth century philosophy had it’s backbone broken by the Sufi masters, and existence of God was proven; of course to people who don’t choose to blindly and subjectively debate against obvious truth.

Yet again, we cannot deny the black role of “religion free riders”, who use His Name to carry on with their dirty deeds and plans. Most of the reaction to religion was either caused by these people; starting from Paul to the suicide-preparers of our days. Hence, the appearance of philosophers who use this as an excuse to blame God and His true servants.

The result of reading this book to an average person will be sad; just some more arrogance and empty words to discuss about.

Sincerely yours,
Nahili Samurai


The end of time

April 11, 2010
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There’s an Irish saying: When God made time, he made plenty of it. As soon as you accept this, and more importantly believe in this… Here at this point, people tend to make politically correct statements that belief is something very flexible; but I can’t. To stop time itself, you have to believe in God.

Julian Barbour argues that time exists merely as an illusion. Truth is; He who created time and our view of time and our memories and mortals and immortality, and knows our beginnings and our ends; maybe from His perspective there’s no such thing as “time controlling or influencing something”. Everything is quite finished and just beginning at the same “time”. Here’s another difficult point, where minds will slip into questions about Destiny. But I won’t go into that.

Time is nothing, and it makes no sense to delude ourself with daily work inside well cleaned, but small, reminding of prison cells, cubicles; just with a fruitless hope of a better tomorrow. There will never be a better tomorrow, there’s only best now and even better afterlife. And that’s how I think a man can defy time itself.

Turkmen Samurai

April 4, 2010
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According to most specialists: The term “samurai” comes from the Japanese word saburau, meaning “to serve”.

The only source of endless motivation, is to serve, based on my humble experience. No other activity, philosophy or thought can be so conquering and provocatively simple to human heart as modest service.

While the world is shocked by problems and diseases, while everything is measured in money… we Turkmens have probably found the only way to win 21st century – to serve.

Never undermine the principles

December 1, 2009
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If the principle says; you cannot read a book, unless you buy it… then you MUST buy it. Man, this was so difficult to let go off…

However if we undermine our principles, we will never ever succeed. So, let go of a few bucks.

Bus number 56

December 1, 2009
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There’s always a bus that goes directly to your house; and there’s usually one that passes close enough, but still it’s not your bus.

So, while waiting for bus 56, bus 48 suddenly came, and I thought to myself “Just wait for your bus, it’s YOUR bus, not SOME bus”. And so I waited until my bus came. Because if it didn’t come, I would just walk or take a taxi.

Not a step back. Win-Win or No-Deal 😀

Opportunity to help

November 28, 2009
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How much does an opportunity to help cost? 5 bucks, 10 bucks, 10 minutes, 1 day? What I recently noticed is; opportunities for real and sincere help are very rare.

All people are good enough to help. And not always the best help is financial support. Often 1 true and appropriate word is better than 1000$.

Truth (although not in every situation truth should be uttered) is the most clean source of help, from which all other situations can be easily solved. For example I try to avoid helping healthy people who ask for money, rather I prefer to find really sick people. Because that is real help, the prior is just an effort to silence “guilt”.

Opportunity to pay for a ride or pay for food is a rare moment when golden rays of trust are being built. And this is not a “show”; we’re in business of helping to live.

When tomorrow hundreds of thousands of animals are sacrificed on the blessed land of Turkmenistan; we’re honoured to share with each other, and the rest of the world.

I sincerely hope that one day soon; we, Turkmen, will feed hungry of this globe. They shouldn’t have become poor if only “good” countries didn’t rob them. But, nevertheless, the sun always rises. No one can stop the sun.

Back to life

November 19, 2009
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Everything was so simple. One just has to do what she wants to do. Put the Principles in the center and live with it.

Why people spend their time doing pendulum swings between money and entertainment is a big question.

Proactive vocabulary

November 17, 2009
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There’s never “I have to…” anymore. I WILL comes instead. I will work in a new industry, in a new role. Because I WANT TO.

I take full responsibility for my actions; I will not blame weather or other people for anything. Want an enemy? Blame yourself.

I thought Submission was the last step, but wait… There comes Submission with responsibility. Responsibility isn’t a burden anymore, it gives me real freedom.

Center of Your Universe

November 15, 2009
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We knew that putting money in the center was wrong all the way… We knew that putting family in the center might mess up many things…
We knew that putting self in the center was even worse…

But a man named Stephen Covey has put my universe in order, and I’m not shy to admit that I’m trying to put Principles in the center.

Самшитовый лес and un-Methodology of Motivation

November 7, 2009
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Dear reader, there comes a book once in a while that is worth reading and spending time; one of the most popular books in current Runet Самшитовый лес.

Apart from (once again) proving that even atheistic mind will find nothing better than Motivation in the end; it’s a great piece of art.

The hero – Sapojnikov, is a standard loser in terms of materialistic world; he freely disperses his genius ideas. However in terms of Motivation; he reaches far greater levels than any scientist. The reason is simple; he builds something like a religion in his mind; replacing Edem with Atlantida, and believers with commune workers. This leads to fantastic conclusions, usually found only in religions;

-the needs of human beings are innumerable, and only a giving soul can limit his needs
-happiness is different than “Motivation” and “Submission”. Here submission is replaced by “блаженство”.
-happiness is temporary, submission is eternal

I must admit, the author is very strong, and I really do thank him for this book.

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