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Too many products, please be remarkable…

October 30, 2008
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Just now I discovered TED, YouTube and the whole video/audio Internet. Because as seen on presentation by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Turkmenistan is less wired than Europe. I’m pretty sure that very soon we will have higher density and lower prices…

Anyway, here’s a great presentation by Seth Godin on Purple Cow thing. What bothers me – there’s is too much choice and too many useless ads. I wanna go home and walk in a normal city with less ads again. Of course if I stayed longer, then my brain would adjust and start ignoring all the useless junk.

Why do people keep being safe and average in marketing? I find all of my answers in Zen (by the way Seth also uses the Japanese word “otaku” – passionate), because they’re not passionate, because they’re not actually living…


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Ideas of failure, from Seth Godin

October 30, 2008
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I guess we all have zillions of ideas when we’re young. Then we fail, those who stand up, shake the dust off and keep going – end up someone like Seth Godin ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s a great post on failure ideas.

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Mundane roads of Hampshire

October 29, 2008
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Narrow, wet roads; surrounded by bushes, trees or fences. Nothing but mist or clouds. Even towns, narrow streets, narrow hotel coridors… It’s smothering me… Signs and rules everywhere. People are polite and politically/narionally/whateverly correct, just because they’re afraid of laws. Are these humans anymore?

Pakistani drivers, Chinese maids, Indian receptionists. Nightmare or slavery? Someone, please wake me up. Is it a tombstone or a country? My dear brothers, my dear Turkmen kinsmen! If something happens to me anywhere, please bury me in Choganly’s Turkmen cemetery; where sand and wind kiss the nameless graves. Where there’s blue sky and the horizon is clear. Where Quran is read without haste, without rules, without money… I won’t forgive you if you don’t guys!

The information bulletins in Russian, and Turkmens talking in Russian still depress me. But I still meet real Turkmens sometimes, who don’t talk business with me, who talk about soul, heart and dutar. Try talking deep with these people… Pakistani drivers get it, I don’t know about others.

Constrained with everything around you, there’s no escape. There’s too much of one thing and too little of other things. Can I sell my freedom for a golden cage (I know it’s old, but it’s true). I would rather sweep the broad streets of Ashgabat (no matter what my parents would say about this).

There’s nothing but souls and the Creator of the souls. Decorations are for statists. And don’t get me wrong, I mean it in a Zen way. You trust Zen don’t you? So predictable of you ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

My evil confidence

October 25, 2008
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In a long path towards enlightenment, I’ve come across one interesting issue. The problem of confidence. Good people tend to be soft. People who search for enlightenment tend to be super-careful and super-soft. This confuses idiots around us. They just have that stupid confidence and egoism they’ve been born with.

In normal circumstances people should grow mentally as time passes, but alas… The whole situation brings us to a “humanism admirer” vs. “stupid over-confdent idiot”. Since humanizm doesn’t provide any methodology, the admirer is stuck and lost. For example: some idiot lady ignores the queue and tries to get into official’s office directly, without waiting. How to stop her? Is it okay to stop her? While you try to answer these questions, that idiot is already inside the office!

By stopping the lady one can accomplish a few good deeds simultenously;

  1. Save other people’s and own rights
  2. Save other people’s and own time
  3. Stop the lady from gaining sins from breaking other people’s rights

There are many reasons to stop her. Everyone is important, and no one should take advanage of others. Timid humanism will make things worse… People around you need to understand that you hold a certain position and ready to fully protect it. Otherwise you will be eventually ruled by confident fools. Saying NO is not a right in this situation, it’s a DUTY.

Every Light comes with shadows, use the shadows within to defeat the Darkness. Stupid confident idiots are no more than children who need to be scolded.

Shere Tea

October 21, 2008
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…has a Thank You note, just when you open it. It is not fake, and has all characteristics of geniune tea. Shere is really good right now! Why right now? Well, surely tea is dangerous, since some companies can’t help but add chemical colour elements.

I have written before about good tea/ bad tea comparison. The situation hasn’t changed much; the market is flooded with cheap tea. The likes of Impra and Arab tea. On the other hand, some good quality Lipton tea has finally arrived here; it’s just a little more expensive, but really good. A pack of 20 teabags costs around 35.000 manats.

On the bag-packaged instant coffee front we have Golden Eagle, Nescafe and McCoffee. Golden Eagle had only standard 3in1 flavour before opponents arrived. Now we have all kinds of flavours. I personally favor McCoffee; again, it’s a bit more expensive… but quality is the decisive factor.

Previously we had limited flavours and limited choices. Now Turkmenistan is a battlefield of brands, variations and market segmentation. Thus is the sweet arrival of market economy.

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On propagation of radio waves

October 21, 2008

Dear Dan,

It’s been 6 months since I started learning about these waves. This is fantastic, yet scary. One type of them can connect Tashkent with Cairo, however, it’s never reliable. It acts weird depending on day/night, weather, season, mood and holidays. Once we connected two cities, they could only talk during public holidays; which required extra salary for operators. I don’t get it bro…

Another one deals with direct links. We installed one at city, and it caused “unknown errors” from 9.00 to 18.00. Guess what? The ray was going through a construction site, so we’ve been radio-burning the crane operator for a month. We lost huge money for compensation.

Every installation bring problems, because radio waves have… conspired against me. All the money you sent us is already gone. I’m going back to the village, they still haven’t found a new mathematics teacher. Mathematics is better, it has some logic.

Take care Aniki-san,

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Lazy economics

October 18, 2008

Good programmer is a lazy programmer. She won’t code existing scripts or try to do something manually. Steal and automate.

If economics is about using limited resources for unlimited needs, in a focused manner, then lazy people do that well. Sometimes it’s just good to be lazy.

  • They don’t waste energy for useless things,
  • once they move they make sure the business is finished, otherwise it’s too troublesome.
  • They protect existing resources and move only for sure goals

Sometimes the rhythm of an organizaion is lazy. People are all old and wise, nobody moves without real need. In such a place it’s only natural to be really lazy ๐Ÿ˜€ Just like me.

The Master

October 13, 2008
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In martial arts it’s the brain that limits muscle usage. At some point the brain says stop, don’t go further. Years of training push that level higher; because artists learn to hit and endure pain, besides some nerve endings of hands, fists and legs eventually die, and hitting parts become less sensitive.

It can be said that training reduces fear while improving skills and adding muscle weight. Training removes average barriers and brings fights to a brand new level.

Same goes for internal training and will exercises, eventually some curtains fall and other gamers fall behind. The one who trains advances further and further. For simplicity it can be put in 3 distinct stages:

  1. Egocentric, untrained
  2. Humane, unstable spirit
  3. The Master

The unstable part is also the most kind. Not very efficient though. After moving away from “egocentric”, it is natural for anyone to doubt all previous life and move towards complete forgiving mode. Which is a mistake by itself, since it’s not wise to let a killer to walk free for example. At the new point of stability, The Master has already experienced The Nothingness, The Truth of Curtains, The Stairs and many other truths. She is stable enough to fight mentally now.

The truth is; there is no time as a physical element or a physical constant. Time is only an illusion. This world is also not permanent, and is bound to illusionary time. Therefore the world doesn’t exist, ergo you don’t understand this post ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry. This all needs examples and explanations that will come later on.

This is one of the most important posts in Scatterbrain Motivation series. It will be divided into sections and explained in details.

Ja ne.