Nahili Samurai

Kyrgyzstan, Lehistan and Siamstan | April 11, 2010

Today I mourn; for all the victims of all tragedies, that seem to pile on every day. Please don’t assume that I’m not grieving for every person; I just want to address reasons of disasters in my understading. Please forgive me if I go too far sometimes…

There are indistinct voices and vague patterns in the mist of global trends. One might think that there isn’t apparent connection between earthquake in Haiti and victims of Katyn, between violence in Kyrgyzstan and a stone thrown at a goose, by some toddler in Romania.

All the world’s a stage says Shakespeare, but maybe he didn’t refer to Sufi perception of the world. In Islam satan has no power, and both “good” and “evil” are created by God; with a goal of examination for our souls. But I digress, it’s all interconnected; the stone, the plane, the adultery in Haiti, the violent movie watched by a teenager in Thailand.

The global standoff between belief and disbelief. All the world’s a stage for The Standoff.

Letting people believe in force, that something can be resolved by force, is very stupid. Human problems cannot be resolved by force. However we’re continuously educated by “romantic” movies that “protect the weak” by “punishing the strong”. Young generations are losing respect for elders and respect for patient, dedicated work. As long as leaders will not understand the root reasons of The Standoff, they will suffer from rounds and rounds of violence and disasters. Only by curing the real hunger of people for faith and immortality, the tears will be stopped.

Another Stalins will shoot other officers in their own Katyns, Nankings, and anyhthing beyond human imagination. Haven’t we played enough with ideas and experiments? Can’t we just live for once in peace and prosperity? Why the urge to blame, fight and protest?

I wish everyone to find some peace in Faith.


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