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Pain of the children – Ivan Karamazov

May 26, 2009

child tear

“If God existed, then he wouldn’t let this pain happen…”, and many times this argument is used regarding the children. How can God punish children? They’re so innocent…

Let’s imagine that pain is real and the children are real, although reality is subjective and I can’t guarantee that what I see is real. Anyway, I assumed that those are real. God protects animals that are about to be sacrificed from the pain of our knives (although they’re very sharp and the whole process is very well-thought); who can guarantee me that He doesn’t protect children from the pain that comes from diabolic grownups? Where is the separation line of The Creator and the created? Who gave you the responsibility of denying God, instead of actively protecting other children.

Stop using His exam, as another excuse for your own disbelief. It’s your stupid disbelief, Ivan Karamazov, that created the pain of the children in the first place. And His name “Kahhar”, that maybe isn’t well-known in Christianity, and His name “Rahman” are both His names, and manifest together. The children are protected (by Rahman) and the criminals will be punished (by Kahhar)


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