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Simple difficult path to respect

January 29, 2008
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Simple difficult path to respect
Image from the Internet Movie Database

When Richard Winters asks Lewis Nixon in the “Band of Brothers” series; – How do you manage to earn these guys’ respect. Major Winters answers – Never put yourself in a position when you take from these guys…

Master from Bulgakow’s craft says: Never ask from strong (rich) people, they will give everything themselves.

In interactions with my friends, my dear kinsmen, my neighbors, my co-workers… I sometimes forget about this essential truth. The path to warm feelings among people is giving. Even if they probably won’t mind, even if they like or love you. The one who gives, is the different and true one, that person is the One.

I have a friend who likes to give presents. But as a marketing fan I have no choice but give a bigger present back. Life is strange 😀


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Lezzet – Russian restaurant

January 28, 2008

Lezzet - Russian restaurant
image from Wikipedia

When someone puts passion into cooking it’s noticed. Whenever I come to this place – almost all tables are occupied or reserved. Food is excellent, service is great. Of course the music is loud and vodka is served; as expected from a normal Russian restaurant. But (since some of us don’t drink) let’s go back to meals.

Borscht, mushroom soup, Caesar salad, stew and Dobryi juices. One can fully sink into Russian atmosphere with walls decorated with samovars, accordions, old radios, images from “White Sun of the Desert” movie.

Turkmenistan is enriched with various cultures, kitchens and meals. From Armenian to Indian, from Russian to Persian. We are lucky to enjoy our differences 😀

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I bought lazy clothes

January 26, 2008

I bought lazy clothes
image from The Tao of Making Money

So they (my family) eventually persuaded me that this winter was record cold, and I should buy some warmer clothes. There went my $200 that I was saving for um… I need to save some money right. Anyway, I went shopping.

Since I’m very greedy I bought a good Turkish coat, good Turkish sweater and good (winter) jeans. So that I could wear them for several years. My coat is only zipped, no buttons, my sweater doesn’t even have a zip, and jeans are lazy by definition. I lost all respect for expensive shoes long time ago, so I bought Chinese “Jin Mand Di”. I have no idea what that means, but they’re cheap and I can throw them out after 3 months.

There’s a brand called FUBU (for you by you). I remember how both trendy and lazy their clothes were. Maybe it has something to do with 21st century, we want everything fast and faster.

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New success is layered

January 24, 2008
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Here’s Seth Godin’s approach to layering:

Here’s what we used to do:

Create —> Edit —> Launch

Here’s what happens now:

Create —> Launch —> Edit —> Launch —> repeat

That’s totally true. In software it started earlier with redefining methodologies, from Waterfall to Spiral, and later it jumped unto new business bandwagon. Welcome to real life Neo 😀

Waterfall (old & boring)
New success is layered

New success is layered

Images are from hyperthot and ESS.
I should’ve given links to all of my image sources, because some people might threaten to sue me as well. Here’s a funny post on: The Brandbuilder deflects another bonehead attack, because someone is upset with the image usage.

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Minding own business

January 22, 2008
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Minding own business

(this post is primarily addressed to me, to myself)
Movie stars, sports stars, politicians, governers etc. etc. People with fame, money and power are like magnets. Everyone wants to be like them; but right now, if possible right at this moment. So the useless discussions start among people. “This was wrong”, “this was right”, “I would do blah blah”. Wake up! No matter how important those issues might seem, they’re not your job, not your responsibility. Your words won’t change anything or affect anyone. WASTE of time…

The road to salvation is – minding own business. It’s okay to read and know (sometimes). It’s totally wrong to discuss “star” issues. Besides, for a believer like me

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Gokdepe – Gonubek translation part 2

January 22, 2008
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(continued from Part 1)

There weren’t many who returned with heads held high, most were wounded, and injured. A part of those who attacked found eternal peace, they were relieved from the torterous waiting of what will happen, what disgrace this will lead to. Now here, now there women bringing water to warriors or searching bodies of their relatives among delivered corpses could be seen.
During those days Gara batyr– I don’t know from which tribe, from which branch he was,– I didn’t see him perish from an enemy bullet myself, but I heard from people who saw it with their own eyes.
From afar trenches of Russians become a line. Somewhat on their right side there’s a group of Cossacks on horses. Occasionally an exchange of fire is heard. Fortress defenders who responded to enemy fire very rarely discussed among themselves how Russians will proceed. One guy was remembered who mingled with enemy at night absolutely naked, silently approached the guard, cut him with the sword and took his berdanka as trophy, and returned safe and sound. Also, another three men were discussed who went around the enemy trenches at night, approached them from behind, and killed two sleeping officers and three soldiers. They took two revolvers, three rifles and boots of three killed people as trophy, and returned back safe and sound. It was learned two of killed were officers because of revolvers and the tent at their place. This kind of luck was considered brought by fortune, and in the first place it was considered the result of courage of the valiant guys. Then the grenade which exploded right on a cover beside Diñlidepe and killed four people.
– If the death comes looking, it will find one anywhere. If the fate is not due anywhere you are, in any situation you will remain unhurt– said one of the old warriors.
– God will take His property (“life” – when He requires, this only depends on His will– said he at the end of his words.
–If I bring His property to Him myself, won’t He take it? – asked Gara batyr.
– You won’t be able to do so– replied the warrior.
– This isn’t in a man’s hands.
– On this very day, right now I will bring His property to Him. I will return it if He wants, and even if He doesn’t want.
Gara batyr having said these words went towards the fortress, and came back soon mounted on his horse. He held his spear with a lean. He rode through the south gate of the fortress, swept near the base of its wall, approached his sitting and reclined friends. He told them:
– Watch me go and return God’s property to Him now. I will return it if He wants, and even if He doesn’t want, he said.
He had a magnificent bay horse under him. He leaned towards the saddle and thrust towards horsed Cossacs like a bullet. People left behind observed him with curiosity. There was an increase in shots from the Russian trenches. Cossacks were still in a group as before. Gara batyr attacked them face to face, and immediately dismounted two of them. It wasn’t possible to clearly observe all actions of Gara batyr from afar, but panic he created was very big. A few Cossacks fell off their horses; a few leant their horses down and escaped.
Gara batyr returned back to the fortress. They sent a volley of bullets after him. He let the horse gallop forward, and approached the fortress to the distance of a conversation. At that place he fell off the horse. The enemy bullet broke his fatal thread the moment it hit him.
Spirits of friends adoring his courage were lowered; they set to collecting Gara batyr’s dead body.
– He kept his word; he became a shahid– said one of the people carrying him.
– He met his fate– said the old warrior who was helping to carry Gara batyr’s dead body and guided his horse.
The grief didn’t prolong, that very moment the sorrow was swept off peoples’ faces. Because Gara batyr was relieved from torture of so many hard days and nights! Similar to this, brave actions like this – self-sacrifice happened a lot.
A musician, blind for both eyes, well-known as the Blind of Kepele run towards the way from which roar was coming the day fortress fell. But that unfortunate poor man quickly realized trying to escape was useless. He staggered along, falling every two steps, stumbling over the dead bodies, wounded people, pits and bumps.
–I will sing the last song about the nation and the land–and having said so he sat down, took his dutar out of the casing, and started singing at the top of his voice. But the bullet of fate tore off the song in between. Among the ear-blocking noise of cannonade and shots, enemy that surrounded everything, terrible din, wailing of women and children, trample and crash, the song of the Blind Musician was proclaiming the end of free, reckless Turkmenchilik in a way that made hair stand on end.

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Hacker versus cracker versus criminal

January 19, 2008

Hacker versus cracker versus criminal

According to this article in Computerworld – CIA says hackers pulled plug on power grid. I will not go into technical details of stupidity of people who plug Internet and SCADA into same system (and don’t even protect that system), but I will go into definition of hacker.
As described here;

Hacker originally, a hacker was a term of respect, used among computer programmers, designers, and engineers. The hacker was one who created original and ingenious programs. Unfortunately, the current popular meaning of the term is used to describe those who break into systems, destroy data, steal copyrighted software, and perform other destructive or illegal acts with computers and networks.

People with computer malice were later named crackers, and those who do criminal stuff, like blackmailing with power outages are clearly no more than any average criminals. In terms of “construction versus destruction”, hackers create unique programs, crackers look for loopholes and crack programs, which makes later programs more secure and better, and criminals are (again) just criminals.

P.S. I also pity those who download ready-made “hacker” applications from the Web and pretend to be hackers. Funny 😀

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Yahoo Mail problems or what?

January 17, 2008
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I cannot access Yahoo. Period. Sometimes even big companies fail to provide 24/7 service. Recently Flickr was “having a massage” and asked me to come later 😀

So, there’s no magic behind big success I guess, those guys are also working hard to keep things running.

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Flexible work – less heart problems

January 17, 2008

Flexible work - less heart problems

As a person who has experienced heart problems at a young age because of unnecessary schedule pressure, I care about timetables and flexibility, here’s a great post from Best Buy’s Cali & Jody.

Nothing’s worth my health. And Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) that has revolutionized Best Buy.

With ROWE:

  • There is no need for schedules
  • Nobody focuses on “how many hours did you work?”
  • Nobody feels overworked, stressed out or guilty
  • Work is not a place you go, it’s something you do
  • People at all levels stop wasting the company’s time and money
  • Teamwork, morale, and engagement soar
  • There’s no judgment on how people spend their time

ROWE is all about results. No results, no job. It’s that simple.

The old corporate industrial is dying, yet still taking health of many 😦 When will people say NO to this kind of work environment and switch to flexibility?

Here’s a little ROWE quiz for you:

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I know Delphi

January 16, 2008
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I know Delphi

Remember Matrix where they learn new skills in a matter of seconds. Your high IQ blogger here is also fast. Learned Delphi in 2 hours; adding it to array of previous languages C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, PHP, ActionScript etc etc. etc. Useless! Knowledge or IQ means nothing without real projects and real money.

This is not the university where one can afford wasting time on games with various applications. So why would I spend time on learning Delphi? Well, I’ve got a real project in my hands (some money coming my way), some experience with other programming languages and… Delphi is widely used in Turkmenistan. If my boss decides to fire me for lazyness one day, and he will be right, then I shall seek a programming job again. With more skills 😀

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