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Turkmenistan, most hidden charity and Islam

September 9, 2010
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According to the survey – conducted by the UK’s Charities Aid Foundation the people of Turkmenistan are apparently the most generous in the world with their time. In overall rating, Turkmenistan took the 14th place in the world ranking of generosity and the 1st in the CIS and Central Asia. The results of the survey coincide with the final day of Ramadhan, the month of charity, zakat and fitr.

The idea is to promote giving and create a positive cycle in which society improves, people become happier and are therefore willing to give more.

However there’s also another trend that is not very transparent. In Central Asia in general, charity is not advertised or marketed. The left hand should be unaware of what the right hand is giving away. I’m almost sure that we can become the world’s No 1, given a few more years. Because Noble Prophet Muhammad (saw) has said: “The Auliya Allah – Friends of Allah (SWT) are, essentially and inherently, generous.”

Let’s help the poor, let’s help Pakistan’s flood victims, let’s help everyone, in His Name.


*127# of Ramadhan

August 18, 2010
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MTS, the Russian MobileTeleSystems has introduced a free service in Turkmenistan, whereby one can easily check the fast/break fast time for today/tomorrow. I sincerely thank MTS for this move. Just dial *127# on your mobile in Turkmenistan.

While we can see now the penetration of marketing into normal traditional life, it’s still not enough for me. I want to see more and more. When Ramadhan will be celebrated as widely as New Year or 8th March, I will be more or less satisfied.

Way to go!

Kyrgyzstan, Lehistan and Siamstan

April 11, 2010
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Today I mourn; for all the victims of all tragedies, that seem to pile on every day. Please don’t assume that I’m not grieving for every person; I just want to address reasons of disasters in my understading. Please forgive me if I go too far sometimes…

There are indistinct voices and vague patterns in the mist of global trends. One might think that there isn’t apparent connection between earthquake in Haiti and victims of Katyn, between violence in Kyrgyzstan and a stone thrown at a goose, by some toddler in Romania.

All the world’s a stage says Shakespeare, but maybe he didn’t refer to Sufi perception of the world. In Islam satan has no power, and both “good” and “evil” are created by God; with a goal of examination for our souls. But I digress, it’s all interconnected; the stone, the plane, the adultery in Haiti, the violent movie watched by a teenager in Thailand.

The global standoff between belief and disbelief. All the world’s a stage for The Standoff.

Letting people believe in force, that something can be resolved by force, is very stupid. Human problems cannot be resolved by force. However we’re continuously educated by “romantic” movies that “protect the weak” by “punishing the strong”. Young generations are losing respect for elders and respect for patient, dedicated work. As long as leaders will not understand the root reasons of The Standoff, they will suffer from rounds and rounds of violence and disasters. Only by curing the real hunger of people for faith and immortality, the tears will be stopped.

Another Stalins will shoot other officers in their own Katyns, Nankings, and anyhthing beyond human imagination. Haven’t we played enough with ideas and experiments? Can’t we just live for once in peace and prosperity? Why the urge to blame, fight and protest?

I wish everyone to find some peace in Faith.

Clicking soles

April 10, 2010
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Last month I bought a pair of shoes. They were “Made in China” and very cheap. The thing I didn’t realize is; they were clicking. Because my mind is aimlessly wandering around, I can never do proper shopping.

Instead of calling ’em “clicking heels”, I had to name them “clicking soles”. Because they’re men shoes. However they had an advantage of notifying people of my proximity. I hate surprising people with my suddent appearance.

After their quick and sudden death, I bought new shoes. I made sure they didn’t click and were as silent as possible. Clicking soles are good to make people aware of your presence, but its both funny and disgusting to see their disappointed faces when they discover me, instead of a pretty girl.

Now I’m wearing a hitman’s silent shoes. Women with children on the streets are intimidated by my sudden proximity. I don’t mean to scare them, I’m just crossing the streets, The ALmighty hasn’t blessed me even with a small Opel, I still walk in this city of clicking dreams. No one should assume that I’m loathing for a car; I just don’t want to scare poor moms walking together with their kids.

Next time I will buy semi-soft soles.

I’m the first of me – Hoobastank

December 1, 2009
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“The First Of Me” – link

I must make a choice
A tough decision
Listen to my voice
Should I give in
To temptation, admiration
One leads to myself
The other some one else
Just an empty shell
Just an empty shell

It’s harder than it seems
When you’re told that
All your hopes and dreams
Are yours to hold if
You just give them
What’s expected
Something they can sell
Put upon a shelf
But I am not for sale
I am not for sale

I here a voice inside
It’s grown into a scream
I’m not the next of them
I am the first of me
’cause I can’t live the lie
I am just what you see
I’m not the next of them
I am the first of me

If I can’t refuse
The price they offer
I am sure to lose
And I will suffer
Sell my soul to make a profit
All I have to do
Is make believe it’s true
That something I can’t do
That something I can’t do


So when the waiting’s done
It’s time to face the truth
You know you’re good enough
Deep down inside of you

You’ve finally woken up
If only just to prove
You were born to lead the way
And be the first of you

Assimilation, not integration

December 1, 2009
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All they way; they wanted us to sell our cultures and beliefs for “consumption” society and relative comfort of Europe. They never wanted integration.

It’s not about minarets, it’s about fear of losing control. Okay, I understand that. But don’t talk democracy when commenting my lands. Undertand the internal structure of your own organizm, before venturing out and critisizing mine.

Comeback, the magnificient

September 11, 2009
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Just need to do something real, instead of posting unreal dreams.

Jygyllyk and Vestniktm

April 22, 2009

Well Jygyllyk

  • uses Classipress theme of WordPress
  • is in Turkmen


  • uses Joker software
  • is Russian/English

Overall, both are good things. It will take about 1-3 years for them to settle and get popular. But if some big company decides to pump serious money in electronic advertisement here, then they probably will have no chances.

THe laws of e-business were passed about a month ago in Ministry of Telecommunications. I guess it’s now legally possible to have such business. But some money is needed. I dunno, the sum could change depending on prices for licence, and usage of partisan, viral marketing or mass-media marketing.

Personally I think that maybe my attempts to write the code were wrong. Probably when you have a full-time job and 2 kids it’s difficult to create a fully functional PHP system. So, their approach to just install a system is a smart choice.

Org. Behaviour method by Alex Sosnovyj

April 18, 2009
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Alex Sosnovyj worked for a long time on various consulting projects; and one day decided to develop an almost universal method for organization behaviour and salary compensation; and make it Shareware.

It’s a very detailed and a very objective method, implemented in various small and big companies. The objective is to turn a sleeping, lazy, non-motivated employee into an active, fresh and hardworking person (or make him leave the company in the worst case). Work, earn, spend 😀

I’m sure that only in Russia (and only from someone born in Turkmenistan, as Alex Sosnovyj) such a secret method could be made shareware. It’s astonishing.

When I chose WordPress in 2007 I didn’t know it will make a revolution!

April 8, 2009
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I just read a few reviews in 2007, people said it was important to choose a right platform – because of the learning curve, the time and effort you spend on learning 😀

Then I tried installing WordPress, I guess version 2.something at the time… It was one, two, three and ready. Easy Administration, easier programming, plugins and themes. But now, now it has become something more. Check this Comfy theme, and this Classipress theme. This is only beginning; with thousands of free plugins, themes, advices, hacks and cool Codex… WordPress will make it Web 3.0 soon.

Imagine the Web (almost) without custom scripts. When anything can be integrated using a few plugins or themes. Yes, paid scripts are getting obsolete, more and more.

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