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December 3, 2009
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this function will get you the list of recent posts, plus this is compatible with Language Switcher plugin. Dammit, took 2 hours to figure this out.


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Bedew pictures

December 2, 2009

In relation to Bedew region of Ashgabat post.

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I’m the first of me – Hoobastank

December 1, 2009
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“The First Of Me” – link

I must make a choice
A tough decision
Listen to my voice
Should I give in
To temptation, admiration
One leads to myself
The other some one else
Just an empty shell
Just an empty shell

It’s harder than it seems
When you’re told that
All your hopes and dreams
Are yours to hold if
You just give them
What’s expected
Something they can sell
Put upon a shelf
But I am not for sale
I am not for sale

I here a voice inside
It’s grown into a scream
I’m not the next of them
I am the first of me
’cause I can’t live the lie
I am just what you see
I’m not the next of them
I am the first of me

If I can’t refuse
The price they offer
I am sure to lose
And I will suffer
Sell my soul to make a profit
All I have to do
Is make believe it’s true
That something I can’t do
That something I can’t do


So when the waiting’s done
It’s time to face the truth
You know you’re good enough
Deep down inside of you

You’ve finally woken up
If only just to prove
You were born to lead the way
And be the first of you

Assimilation, not integration

December 1, 2009
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All they way; they wanted us to sell our cultures and beliefs for “consumption” society and relative comfort of Europe. They never wanted integration.

It’s not about minarets, it’s about fear of losing control. Okay, I understand that. But don’t talk democracy when commenting my lands. Undertand the internal structure of your own organizm, before venturing out and critisizing mine.

Never undermine the principles

December 1, 2009
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If the principle says; you cannot read a book, unless you buy it… then you MUST buy it. Man, this was so difficult to let go off…

However if we undermine our principles, we will never ever succeed. So, let go of a few bucks.

Bus number 56

December 1, 2009
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There’s always a bus that goes directly to your house; and there’s usually one that passes close enough, but still it’s not your bus.

So, while waiting for bus 56, bus 48 suddenly came, and I thought to myself “Just wait for your bus, it’s YOUR bus, not SOME bus”. And so I waited until my bus came. Because if it didn’t come, I would just walk or take a taxi.

Not a step back. Win-Win or No-Deal 😀

Always on the wha’?

December 1, 2009
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There’s a funny story about how journalists tend to overwha’ our countries in Central Asia.

Tired of such “journalists”? Me also.

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