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Turkmenistan, most hidden charity and Islam

September 9, 2010
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According to the survey – conducted by the UK’s Charities Aid Foundation the people of Turkmenistan are apparently the most generous in the world with their time. In overall rating, Turkmenistan took the 14th place in the world ranking of generosity and the 1st in the CIS and Central Asia. The results of the survey coincide with the final day of Ramadhan, the month of charity, zakat and fitr.

The idea is to promote giving and create a positive cycle in which society improves, people become happier and are therefore willing to give more.

However there’s also another trend that is not very transparent. In Central Asia in general, charity is not advertised or marketed. The left hand should be unaware of what the right hand is giving away. I’m almost sure that we can become the world’s No 1, given a few more years. Because Noble Prophet Muhammad (saw) has said: “The Auliya Allah – Friends of Allah (SWT) are, essentially and inherently, generous.”

Let’s help the poor, let’s help Pakistan’s flood victims, let’s help everyone, in His Name.