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The Turkmen Gambit

November 21, 2010
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Russia is doing the same mistake over and over again, and is expecting a different result. In this game of energy, one must always respect the partners. Unfortunate comments by the Russian energy tzar, Sechin, are not something very new, these ideas are rooted deep within in our relations after 1991. Russia is still trying to rule, instead of pragmatic and objective co-operation approach.

And now we pledge gas for Nabucco. This is nothing new as well, just the continuation of our objective approach.

from BBC

IMHO, as long as we develop and sell the natural gas, before the era of renewables comes blessingly into reality, it doesn’t emotionally matter who’s the buyer. Russia or Europe, it doesn’t matter, but the customers should be respectful and objective. This Gambit should serve as another reminder for Russia, the old days are over. Turkmenistan in line with Kazakhstan and Turkey is becoming increasingly influential in the region, and is ready to push forward to protect its national interests.


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