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Israel’s end

May 31, 2010
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Everything under the sun has a beginning and an end. When you start killing people who were just trying to bring food to other people; then your end has neared. This ain’t no metaphysical talk, today I will talk psychology.

In 2005, some stupid cartoons united us against your products. Now we buy from East. In 2010 your actions might unite us against something bigger. At some point of time, the role of nationalism had to decrease, and we had to remember old roots, the faith that united us for centuries.

I admit that there’s a way to defeat humans, especially those lazy and greedy shadows, who have totally forgotten their past, and who they are. However, “fighting God”, Israel, is impossible. Let us see, history will show the results of your actions.


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Turkmenistan wants multi-party system, are we ready?

May 17, 2010
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If the leader says that we’re ready, then most probably we are. Officials have access to more data and can perform more accurate analysis.

From my humble part there is one concern only; we should closely follow how the new party develops, in order to protect it from any external influence.

On the positive side; most people in Turkmenistan welcome this development, as a step to a more democratic future. As more people get higher education, master/specialist degrees, open up to more cultures and more knowledge, it’s only natural that they will want a multi-party system.

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Sophie’s World

May 15, 2010
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This book will suck away whatever sanity you still have. This book isn’t for young minds, because young minds do not have enough immunity.

Although Sophie’s World is quite educational and tries to be objective, it still leads to the murky world picture, where half-confused, educated middle class will use this knowledge just to confuse others even more 🙂

The book doesn’t say that God doesn’t exist directly, more importantly it avoids writing about Islam at all. But as directly pointed by the book itself, the majority of population nowadays love discussing problems, but will do something only for own benefit or pleasure. There ain’t much dedication or faith. Even many believers are infected with this virus.

Putting a few of them aside, most philosophers don’t find answers in religion and start searching for truth and meaning elsewhere. There are many methods, functions and truths that can easily defeat this book and all of the world’s philosophy as a branch altogether. In twentieth century philosophy had it’s backbone broken by the Sufi masters, and existence of God was proven; of course to people who don’t choose to blindly and subjectively debate against obvious truth.

Yet again, we cannot deny the black role of “religion free riders”, who use His Name to carry on with their dirty deeds and plans. Most of the reaction to religion was either caused by these people; starting from Paul to the suicide-preparers of our days. Hence, the appearance of philosophers who use this as an excuse to blame God and His true servants.

The result of reading this book to an average person will be sad; just some more arrogance and empty words to discuss about.

Sincerely yours,
Nahili Samurai