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Ashgabat – Avaza road

June 11, 2009
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Avaza Resort Project

Avaza Resort Project

First there was an idea, then it became a project, and now it becomes a reality. Since I didn’t blog a lot during the past month, you must have guessed that I wasn’t around. Well, I was mostly in Balkan region. And I visited Avaza as well.

I was particularly interested in infrastructure; Polimeks is struggling to finish the new airport in Turkmenbashi. The road from Turkmenbashi to Avaza was also restructured.
German EWC company is to speed up drafting of Ashgabat airport project

The road from Balkanabat to Turkmenbashi is also under construction. Guess what, the road from Ashgabat to Balkanabat is also under construction. Of course tourists won’t drive 550 km from Ashgabat to Avaza, they will fly from Ashgabat to Turkmenbashi, and then go to Avaza directly. However, the new highway is important for cargo and goods transfer, it’s one more line that will make Balkan region and Avaza resort more lively and more comfortable. Also, I’m sure that Avaza will attract much more local tourists than foreigners, at least initially.


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