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June 26, 2008


When does your culture completely fade away? When your parents advise you to give up integrity and bravery, when the Turkmen dress has become something completely non-Turkmen; or is it when some little Turkmen girl says “Izvinite” to you? What did I do to deserve “Izvinite”? Where is the point when I should just pack my bag and leave, since it makes no difference anymore?

Once I read about a married, new converted couple on some Pacific islands, they came to a Sunday mass wearing only hats, socks, shoes and jewelry. Logically I understand the irony of the whole situation; they tried to transfer their values – humanity, freedom, intelligence. Instead we copied sexy dresses, sexy language and took none of the real values. Who needs Tolstoy, Goethe, Magtymguly or Rumi? Bring us more of Russian TNT, TV3 and DTV. We will watch some naked funny girls on DTV, and then switch to TNT to watch Dom-2 and The Battle of Witches, and then watch a few bloody murders with hatchets and knives on TV3.

If you insist on not teaching your kids any Turkmen values, then “Izvinite” and “Sayonara”, there is no reason for me to hang around. Everyone’s free, if you want to live that life, if you choose to fade away…
When does your culture completely fade away? When your parents advise you to give up integrity and bravery, when the Turkmen dress has become something completely non-Turkmen; or is it when some little Turkmen girl says “Izvinite” to you? What did I do to deserve “Izvinite”? Where is the point when I should just pack my bag and leave, since it makes no difference anymore?


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Feeding Motivation

June 23, 2008
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Usually Money serves as a life goal for many people. However, we all come to a point when money doesn’t motivate anymore. The greed is much wider; including things like Power and Opposite Gender for example. Unfortunately the greed for materialistic never ends, but materialistic motivation is too weak for most people. There’s only so much work I’m willing to do for an iPod or a new BMW, and only for myself, not others. So, how to keep growing as a human, not an animal?

If you watch “Sweney Todd the Devil Barber from Fleet Street”, the movie’s emotional power might charge your motivation for some time (it’s a worthy movie, besides Johny Depp plays the devil barber). Movies are current common source of motivation for hundreds of millions. It’s an average universal pool. The person to go deeper, gets more motivation. Deeper books could raise your motivation to new heights, while sources with less quality (erotic novels for example) could easily bring it down.

Here’s the graphic representation of how motivation rises or falls over time, depending on the food given to our souls.
Feeding Motivation
Some truths are learned and they raise the overall (yet always fluctuating) level. Then some low-level influence might bring the motivation down. It’s all very dynamic, yet have a predictable pattern; read good things – raise your level, read bad things – lower your level, do nothing – lower your level.

The whole theory is based on assumption of existence of your dynamic Soul. A few days ago I saw one psychology specialist on Turkish NTV; he said that family and nation are bad for human psychology, a “feeling of belonging” creates a comfort zone, and this makes us weaker. He also said that unprofessionals shouldn’t write/talk about psychology, since we dunno anything. But stupid philosophers like him base everything on materialistic stuff, and reject existence of your soul. Therefore they are ready to destroy families and nations, in order to justify their bohemian, non-patriotic lifestyles.

Materialistic psychology is over man. Rot in your bohemian lifestyle yourself, I would rather be a loving father and a patriot of my motherland.

Why I left The Firm

June 22, 2008
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The Firm

Because they think it’s okay to humiliate employees. They think it’s okay not to pay overtime and call you anytime after work and order things, instead of asking. They think it’s okay to delegate unrelated, stupid and non-technical tasks to technical personnel, such as myself.

“Oh my dear firm, endless thanks to You for hiring me! I could never fully repay You! For a few hundred dollars per month I will be your slave, I will lick your dirty boots. I will have no morale, no human pride just like the generation before me. I didn’t study abroad, didn’t see the world, never flew Singapore Airlines, never dined at Burger King, I can’t speak four languages as if they were my own, and I never, NEVER could find another job. I’m afraid of life and the world is just one closed city for me.

I cannot do anything, so I cheated all my life, at school and work. I copied at all my university exams and never had college stress. Programming lecturers weren’t impressed by my lazy mind and literature teachers weren’t scared of me. All I can do is flirt, gossip and obey direct orders. All I dream about is alcohol, and I drink every evening just enough to escape my mommy’s suspicious glare.”

That’s what they want to hear from people. The shiny nice company, as marketed to me, turned to be my Arch-Enemy. I’m nothing, I live in nothingness and I have nothing to lose. But not for you, The Dominion. In this case you will find unmatched resistance in me, whatever form you might take (not that you have power anyway). You represent atheism, soviet-type cheap talk and management system. You’re obsolete, stupid and going towards bankrupcy in this new century of purpose, real-life marketing and Generation Y employees. Good riddance too, I won’t miss you.

P.S. I worked only for 10 days in The Firm, and found a new job the day I left.

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Books I wanna read

June 22, 2008

Books I wanna read

Seth Godin wants a book that will change him. I want to read a book that wasn’t written for money. I want a clear extract with no chemical additives, I want a book that doesn’t prolong the plot just to make the volume thicker, I want the message itself, without the background of author’s aspirations. I want a book written by someone better than me, someone stronger than me…

I want to read a book that became a bestseller, because poor folk like me could sense truth in it, because it told something true and worthy, not another hoax or destructive bohemian pushed by media. I want adventures of Tomas Sawyer and horrors of Edgar Allan Poe, I want no naked people, no super-well-dressed people who create upper middle class problems for themselves. I just want to read a good book. Something new and fresh, not something current or pretentious; just a genius book like The Good Soldier Švejk from Jaroslav Hašek or Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from Mark Twain.

The last good book I read was Harry Potter from J.K.Rowling. I read maybe a dozen of books after that (don’t judge me, I have a full-time job and two bandito kids), in every one of them I could sense MONEY. Ironically, when authors forget money while writing, people like their books and buy’em. On contrary, “money books” are never classical or overwhelming, just some entertainment for boring business trips and food for trashcans.

P.S. Situation changed yesterday, now reading “Demons” from Dostoyevsky; absolutely fantastic.