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Teach me, teach me

September 30, 2008
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The good news is – the new constitution allows for paid education, now it’s going to be more open and global education companies will be able to enter the market. Our youngsters will get more affordable education (at home) and build a better country.



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September 27, 2008
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…has shown that companies with no experience in telecommunications are also trying to get a percentage of market share. On the other hand, foreign partners have researched the local market better and are offering more targeted solutions. Overall, the situation closely resembles the oil&gas sector with more professional service providers and manufacturers, and with less professional operators/giants.

Rohde & Schwarz has done a good job at the exhibition, so have Zaman Akaba and several others. Cisco and Nokia Siemens Networks were present, although their goals and customers remain misty.

There were several strategic moves by some companies to overtake the market share by blunt force, the future will show whether they were successful in such strategies.

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Less administration for SMEs

September 23, 2008
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Tajikistan has adopted a “moratorium” for administration checks and control of SMEs, Russia is planning to reduce the same evil for 40 times less. The obvious target is to acquire China’s growth, which is a direct result of soft rules for SME’s. Or no rules (sometimes).

To control or not to control? If controllers are not inclined to abuse, if they get full social package and a good salary, if rules are flexible and reasonable, if, if , if; then please go ahead and control. If on contrary controllers and administration tends to abuse its power and rules are blurry and strict, then just stop the control… Tajikistan seems absolutely right in this decision.

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Customer service

September 13, 2008
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Customer is always right -> so frequently this truth is forgotten in Ashgabat…

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Guess who’s back?

September 8, 2008
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I’m back with somewhat darker Zen mood. The quest for Enlightenment prevails, even though some expect me to be one of “empty people”. Gee thanks… I’d rather be liberated.

What’s going on:
– is to become a “programmer’s approach” Turkmen library, with hundreds (thousands) of books in easy to download, simple html format. Some tools are to be created for text conversion, character recognition etc. Then no one can find excuses for not reading in Turkmen, duh~
– things like scientific, technological, computer dictionaries are a distant possibility
– I NEED HELP! especially with scanning of Turkmen books (digitizing them). Manuals and tools are to be provided at (in Turkmen). Everything will be in Turkmen.
-Pure literature, no politics whatsoever.
-Any authors, Adventures of Thomas Sawyer will do, as long as in Turkmen.

Now you can give me a medal and a bucket of roses. Or wait another 10 years till it all becomes real.

Jai Turkmen!

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