Nahili Samurai

The end of time | April 11, 2010

There’s an Irish saying: When God made time, he made plenty of it. As soon as you accept this, and more importantly believe in this… Here at this point, people tend to make politically correct statements that belief is something very flexible; but I can’t. To stop time itself, you have to believe in God.

Julian Barbour argues that time exists merely as an illusion. Truth is; He who created time and our view of time and our memories and mortals and immortality, and knows our beginnings and our ends; maybe from His perspective there’s no such thing as “time controlling or influencing something”. Everything is quite finished and just beginning at the same “time”. Here’s another difficult point, where minds will slip into questions about Destiny. But I won’t go into that.

Time is nothing, and it makes no sense to delude ourself with daily work inside well cleaned, but small, reminding of prison cells, cubicles; just with a fruitless hope of a better tomorrow. There will never be a better tomorrow, there’s only best now and even better afterlife. And that’s how I think a man can defy time itself.


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