Nahili Samurai

Clicking soles | April 10, 2010

Last month I bought a pair of shoes. They were “Made in China” and very cheap. The thing I didn’t realize is; they were clicking. Because my mind is aimlessly wandering around, I can never do proper shopping.

Instead of calling ’em “clicking heels”, I had to name them “clicking soles”. Because they’re men shoes. However they had an advantage of notifying people of my proximity. I hate surprising people with my suddent appearance.

After their quick and sudden death, I bought new shoes. I made sure they didn’t click and were as silent as possible. Clicking soles are good to make people aware of your presence, but its both funny and disgusting to see their disappointed faces when they discover me, instead of a pretty girl.

Now I’m wearing a hitman’s silent shoes. Women with children on the streets are intimidated by my sudden proximity. I don’t mean to scare them, I’m just crossing the streets, The ALmighty hasn’t blessed me even with a small Opel, I still walk in this city of clicking dreams. No one should assume that I’m loathing for a car; I just don’t want to scare poor moms walking together with their kids.

Next time I will buy semi-soft soles.


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