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Dedicated workforce? | November 21, 2009

The most prominent Patriarch Kirill, whom I highly respect, was talking about dedicated workforce. Passionate cadre doesn’t just happen, it’s frequently not bought with money. Rather, it has to identify themselves with the Company Culture. People who actually believe in your cause, make the true difference.

People have to identify themselves with the National Culture and aspirations. A believer cannot work in a company, if the company is openly supporting atheism as ideology. But the opposite is usually true. Many people “pretend” to support nationalism and deep religious traits (which are not openly discussed, but manifest themselves in Company Culture) if they’re “money/power oriented” type.

Don’t believe me, try reading this study from library of Congress.

“Most intelligentsia are educated in Russian language schools, often complete higher educational institutions in Russia, speak Russian as their language of choice, and are concentrated in urban centers, especially in Ashgabat.

Although many members of the intelligentsia favor cultural revival, more support restricting nationalist manifestations and the role of Islam in society. Many who are atheists and have identified with Soviet ideals harbor anxieties that distance from traditional values and especially from the Turkmen language will limit their career potential in the post-Soviet era.”

If you’re a national company, and you feel that staff “pretends”…, then consider hiring people who actually speak Turkmen and love Turkmen language. Don’t come complaining to me that “they aren’t dedicated”.

Jai Hind and Arigatou


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