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Самшитовый лес and un-Methodology of Motivation | November 7, 2009

Dear reader, there comes a book once in a while that is worth reading and spending time; one of the most popular books in current Runet Самшитовый лес.

Apart from (once again) proving that even atheistic mind will find nothing better than Motivation in the end; it’s a great piece of art.

The hero – Sapojnikov, is a standard loser in terms of materialistic world; he freely disperses his genius ideas. However in terms of Motivation; he reaches far greater levels than any scientist. The reason is simple; he builds something like a religion in his mind; replacing Edem with Atlantida, and believers with commune workers. This leads to fantastic conclusions, usually found only in religions;

-the needs of human beings are innumerable, and only a giving soul can limit his needs
-happiness is different than “Motivation” and “Submission”. Here submission is replaced by “блаженство”.
-happiness is temporary, submission is eternal

I must admit, the author is very strong, and I really do thank him for this book.


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