Nahili Samurai

A different tree | January 14, 2009

The tree just stood there, in cold winter weather. A spruce, coloured in bluish green. And I went travelling inside of it, enjoying the view of every branch, every twig… And I accelerated and got a fast nice 3D effect, some good pace, but no blurring effect. Everything was crisp and fresh.

And I saw how calm the tree was, how peaceful. It’s role was to be a tree. Just a tree. And people admired it for being a tree, and never demanded extra things from it. Like “run and fetch me some coffee” etc. It was useful as it is. And it would be stupid to want something more.

And then I met it’s soul. Yes, the tree was alive. It knew Who created it, with what purpose; and never tried to revolt. It never tried to shake off the birds that sang during prayer time (or, maybe prayed during the prayer time), and never raised its fists to the skies, and never demanded an answer for one question “Why?”. The soul of the tree wasn’t given The Choice and The Exam. But, I still liked the tree, for being a good tree.

And then I wondered how others didn’t see the beauty of it… and how I never before saw it. Every tree, every cat, every ant, every person. How different and alike, You created them…

And then I wrote this post, and then I wondered “should I share it?” But then, I’m not greedy, and it’s not mine anyway. Here’s your different tree!


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