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My evil confidence | October 25, 2008

In a long path towards enlightenment, I’ve come across one interesting issue. The problem of confidence. Good people tend to be soft. People who search for enlightenment tend to be super-careful and super-soft. This confuses idiots around us. They just have that stupid confidence and egoism they’ve been born with.

In normal circumstances people should grow mentally as time passes, but alas… The whole situation brings us to a “humanism admirer” vs. “stupid over-confdent idiot”. Since humanizm doesn’t provide any methodology, the admirer is stuck and lost. For example: some idiot lady ignores the queue and tries to get into official’s office directly, without waiting. How to stop her? Is it okay to stop her? While you try to answer these questions, that idiot is already inside the office!

By stopping the lady one can accomplish a few good deeds simultenously;

  1. Save other people’s and own rights
  2. Save other people’s and own time
  3. Stop the lady from gaining sins from breaking other people’s rights

There are many reasons to stop her. Everyone is important, and no one should take advanage of others. Timid humanism will make things worse… People around you need to understand that you hold a certain position and ready to fully protect it. Otherwise you will be eventually ruled by confident fools. Saying NO is not a right in this situation, it’s a DUTY.

Every Light comes with shadows, use the shadows within to defeat the Darkness. Stupid confident idiots are no more than children who need to be scolded.


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