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Shere Tea | October 21, 2008

…has a Thank You note, just when you open it. It is not fake, and has all characteristics of geniune tea. Shere is really good right now! Why right now? Well, surely tea is dangerous, since some companies can’t help but add chemical colour elements.

I have written before about good tea/ bad tea comparison. The situation hasn’t changed much; the market is flooded with cheap tea. The likes of Impra and Arab tea. On the other hand, some good quality Lipton tea has finally arrived here; it’s just a little more expensive, but really good. A pack of 20 teabags costs around 35.000 manats.

On the bag-packaged instant coffee front we have Golden Eagle, Nescafe and McCoffee. Golden Eagle had only standard 3in1 flavour before opponents arrived. Now we have all kinds of flavours. I personally favor McCoffee; again, it’s a bit more expensive… but quality is the decisive factor.

Previously we had limited flavours and limited choices. Now Turkmenistan is a battlefield of brands, variations and market segmentation. Thus is the sweet arrival of market economy.


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