Nahili Samurai

The Master | October 13, 2008

In martial arts it’s the brain that limits muscle usage. At some point the brain says stop, don’t go further. Years of training push that level higher; because artists learn to hit and endure pain, besides some nerve endings of hands, fists and legs eventually die, and hitting parts become less sensitive.

It can be said that training reduces fear while improving skills and adding muscle weight. Training removes average barriers and brings fights to a brand new level.

Same goes for internal training and will exercises, eventually some curtains fall and other gamers fall behind. The one who trains advances further and further. For simplicity it can be put in 3 distinct stages:

  1. Egocentric, untrained
  2. Humane, unstable spirit
  3. The Master

The unstable part is also the most kind. Not very efficient though. After moving away from “egocentric”, it is natural for anyone to doubt all previous life and move towards complete forgiving mode. Which is a mistake by itself, since it’s not wise to let a killer to walk free for example. At the new point of stability, The Master has already experienced The Nothingness, The Truth of Curtains, The Stairs and many other truths. She is stable enough to fight mentally now.

The truth is; there is no time as a physical element or a physical constant. Time is only an illusion. This world is also not permanent, and is bound to illusionary time. Therefore the world doesn’t exist, ergo you don’t understand this post 🙂 Sorry. This all needs examples and explanations that will come later on.

This is one of the most important posts in Scatterbrain Motivation series. It will be divided into sections and explained in details.

Ja ne.


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