Nahili Samurai

Kicking the habit | August 22, 2008

kung-fu panda

The late-sleeping finally got to me, so I used a the most powerful secret (not secret anymore) tool that I have. It’s called “The mysterious habit kicking technique of East Green Mountains”. Here’s the gist of it: You force yourself to do something (sleep at 12 at night) for some time until it becomes a habit. You keep doing this *whatever thing* until it becomes your nature.

And when it becomes your nature you become a different woman (in my case – a different man). In the end you go to East Green Mountains for extensive and extreme kung-fu training, where you become a legend for kicking some local villains. They make a contest to marry you (unless you’re already married) and you marry the most beautiful/handsome girl/boy in the country. It might be confusing to read, but actually very practical and real (except for the girl/boy part).

As a renewed person you descend from the mountains and open a kung-fu center. Everyone rushes to learn from you, but you pick only the most talented guys and have fun forever teasing them and making jokes of other masters…


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