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When everyone’s a performer | August 15, 2008


There wa a teacher who told me everyone needs to perform nowadays, even teachers. Told me about a collegue who used to do circus tricks during lessons and earned a fortune for that.

When everyone’s an actor, a presenter, a simplifier, an entertainer. When toys are in mobile phones and shows are on every TV. When jokes and fun seems to be everywhere. Then sometimes there’s too much entertainment, and people get tired of it.

The nature of (created) universe requires truth. Not fun or acting. Whether it’s somber or serious or downright grave. It sure helps if you’re not boring (at a presentation, demonstration, lecture, negotiations). But it’s only truth and real performance that counts, not tricks. In business and technology it’s important to sell truth, otherwise customers who came to purchase solutions to their real problems will end up with a collection of jokes, and will not come back ever again.


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