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Open source software | August 14, 2008

Open source software

Best software is usually open-source. It’s a rule, it became a rule with user-generated content of Web 2.0. In this month alone I needed an H323 gatekeeper, an H323 gateway + h323-SIP proxy, and an e-shop software. All for testing purposes. So, I found GnuGk, Yate, and osCommerce

Proprietary solutions are always too expensive and too limited. It’s remarkable how free software grows and prospers, while closed software is smothered by it’s own locks. I’m not saying all software should be free. No. But some are just meant to be, for example the e-shop script. Run away from areas where eventually something big, nice and absolutely FREE is doomed to be coded. Code something else for money and feel free to contribute to free scripts. Because most probably small and limited e-shop scripts can’t bring good profits anymore.


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