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Desperate Housewives ad | August 1, 2008

Was walking home today and saw a local ice-cream company use a model closely resembling Eva Longoria Parker aka Gabrielle Solis from “Desperate Housewives” series for an advertisement painted on their van. A very big image of a model on an ice-cream van…

No surprises here, they’re following the Russian ad theory; put a babe on and they will come. Personally I like ads with real purpose or some sense of humour. Like Ulker Cheesy cookies, when the chef starts chasing a chicken in the yard after the customer orders chicken wings (then the customer gets tired of waiting and eats cookies).

Candy/shampoo manufacturer Duygy has fallen into trap as well. They probably use some images their “designer” found on web. Sad really. Never thought local manufacturers will get so desperate.


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