Nahili Samurai

Where are you? | July 12, 2008

As we entered the village I heard the call. There was no choice, we would stay on the road for hours, and I would miss it; so I told other engineers I had an acquaintance in this village and went to the place. I miss the call too frequently, I just couldn’t miss it this time again.

My T-shirt and jeans didn’t fit. People were either quite old or young boys, in modest clothes. Where are you? My hope, my brother, my future, my only light, my reason for existence, my motivation, my support… The grandson of Gonubek, I expected to see you here; it is the right place for you! Were you drinking, chasing girls, sleeping or earning money when they called you? For two centuries they have lured you out, only small kids and old men here. What have they given to you, which is sweeter than this call? They gave you despair, poverty, violence… Where are you? Come back! Come back for science, technology, motivation, humanity, salvation and bright future.


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