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Dostoyevsky, Shigalev and Gokdepe | July 11, 2008

Dostoyevsky is a nationalist, therefore when Russians blew up the Gokdepe castle in 1881 he was quite happy, which he expressed in his diary. He was probably too much disappointed by the defeat of Russians in 1979 at the same Gokdepe castle. Anyway, after finding this point in his diary, I didn’t read Dostoyevsky for about 8 years.

However, now wiser and older I can see why Dostoyevsky was so nationalistic. He writes in “Demons” for example, that atheism and communism were spread within Russia by foreign nations in 19th century; ergo the hatred.

One character of “Demons” – Shigalev, prepares a model for future socialist Russia. One tenth of society governs everyone else. Hundreds of millions are to be turned into a herd of “strange animals”, who will totally give up their education, future and will, etc. etc. etc… A complete guide for totalitarian system of Soviet Union explained in “Demons” by Dostoyevsky.

Another character, Petr Stepanovich Verhovensky shows all personality traits of 1917 revolution leaders. Absolutely no morale, no rules and no god; worse than criminals. Dostoyevsky also correctly predicted the final destiny of communist ideas, he made an analogy of ideas with “Demons” in one part in Bible (Lucas, VIII, 32-36.), when Jesus (a.s.) exorts demons out of an obsessed man. Demons ask Jesus (a.s.) to let them possess a herd of swines, and when allowed they make the herd jump off the cliff, into the lake and sink. Which eventually happened in 1991.

White vs. black, belief vs. atheism, integrity vs. corruption, white knights vs. dark knights… Sometimes time and space continuum coincide and one can clearly see the line that separates one side from the opposite. I lived in Soviet Union as a kid, and I live in Turkmenistan now, atheism is not the lighter side. That demon can talk of rights, humanity, bright future; but all one gets is a downward stairway, leading to levels lower than animals, lower than plants, lower than rocks, lower than vacuum, lower than nothing…


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  1. “He was probably too much disappointed by the defeat of Russians in 1979 at the same Gokdepe castle.”

    You are perfect asshole (stuped and pretending to be a “new developed Turkmen”) if you think that in 1979 thomething happened in Gokdepe.

    Comment by Anonymous — July 16, 2008 @ 7:10 pm

  2. Above your level…

    Comment by nahili — July 17, 2008 @ 12:04 am

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