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Why I left The Firm | June 22, 2008

The Firm

Because they think it’s okay to humiliate employees. They think it’s okay not to pay overtime and call you anytime after work and order things, instead of asking. They think it’s okay to delegate unrelated, stupid and non-technical tasks to technical personnel, such as myself.

“Oh my dear firm, endless thanks to You for hiring me! I could never fully repay You! For a few hundred dollars per month I will be your slave, I will lick your dirty boots. I will have no morale, no human pride just like the generation before me. I didn’t study abroad, didn’t see the world, never flew Singapore Airlines, never dined at Burger King, I can’t speak four languages as if they were my own, and I never, NEVER could find another job. I’m afraid of life and the world is just one closed city for me.

I cannot do anything, so I cheated all my life, at school and work. I copied at all my university exams and never had college stress. Programming lecturers weren’t impressed by my lazy mind and literature teachers weren’t scared of me. All I can do is flirt, gossip and obey direct orders. All I dream about is alcohol, and I drink every evening just enough to escape my mommy’s suspicious glare.”

That’s what they want to hear from people. The shiny nice company, as marketed to me, turned to be my Arch-Enemy. I’m nothing, I live in nothingness and I have nothing to lose. But not for you, The Dominion. In this case you will find unmatched resistance in me, whatever form you might take (not that you have power anyway). You represent atheism, soviet-type cheap talk and management system. You’re obsolete, stupid and going towards bankrupcy in this new century of purpose, real-life marketing and Generation Y employees. Good riddance too, I won’t miss you.

P.S. I worked only for 10 days in The Firm, and found a new job the day I left.


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