Nahili Samurai

Street Fighter vs. Martial Artist | May 22, 2008

How does a reckless hooligan easily beats up a martial artist who has practised deadly moves for years? The martial artisit is smart, civilised and most importantly she thinks about consequences! She’s humane, therefore she only wants to cause as less harm as possible and evade the situation; the thug is an egoist vandal who’s ready to cause as much harm to the world as possible, with little concern about outcomes. He can break bones or kill, because all his social breaks are long gone.

Could the martial artist switch off “consequences-thinking” while fighting, and get victory, since of course she fights much better than the hooligan? It’s not easy. It’s almost impossible to throw away thousands of civilization layers in an instant.

The solution? I think the method is to deeply believe that by hurting the thug you actually do him a favour. A month in hospital is much better than ten years in prison, and much more educational. There are no legal issues for martial artist, since she’s only defending herself. So she should just crush that idiot’s bones with intense focus on the fight itself, and claim well-deserved victory. We should stop scatter-braining while someone is attacking us 😀


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