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Breath, stress and motivation | April 30, 2008

Breath, stress and motivation

Worries about future, regrets about shameful past, wars with inner opponents, focusing on the next blur things; have all together altered my breath. Diaphragmatic Breathing occurs only when people have no or little stress, otherwise people turn into panicking and sweating lung breathers.

(anti)Scatterbrain Motivation helped me to reduce stress for awhile, and have some breath. If I can switch to motivated mode and stop worrying I can breath again. You see, when my mind is wandering (e.g. when watching a movie) it’s not present in current reality, and experiences stress, the body is not controlled, my breath goes wild.

I hereby swear (which I do rarely) to try and breath like a real wise and calm guy (you know like Merlin).


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