Nahili Samurai

The media noise | April 16, 2008

First she was a child, and her mind was sleeping. There were no problems or worries in her world. Every morning she would play with other kids in the beautiful, green and clean park, and enjoy life.

Then she grew up, now she was given responsibilities, and she heard first voices of the media. From TV, newspapers and books. She learned that life is complicated and she can’t just keep playing in the park everyday.

Then voices of the media started to feed her ideas, they became persistent and noisy. Soon all she had was noise, current events, current problems. She couldn’t enjoy the beautiful park even when she was there. Her mind was full with other things. Of course, she saw the kids playing there, and longed to be just like them again.

The media noise

It’s was the media that woke her up (which is good), but the same media loaded her with millions of useless issues, killing her motivation (which is not so good). Where is the balance? Guess it would be best for her to avoid media and current issues. Books? Yes, books are more controllable.


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