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Scatterbrain motivation-2 | April 7, 2008

Scatterbrain motivation-2

After stopping worries about future, past and universal problems, and focusing on the current moment, the next step is to unfocus within the current moment and let yourself dissolve within current environment.

What on Earth am I talking about? I’m trying to figure out methods (and remember them forever) that will heal my scatterbrain habits;

  • Don’t plan or play scenarios in mind even for tomorrow, nothing’s guaranteed
  • Don’t expect any rewards for current actions. “the process of doing” matters
  • Regret for past kills you. Past is gone, you can mend things now or pay in afterlife
  • News steal your time, since they make you build useless associations. Important news will get to you anyway (ex: who wins elections)
  • The only way to become practical again is to stop thinking and start living

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