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My prison | March 17, 2008

My prison

Once my path to home lay through Istanbul. Unfortunately someone blew a bank the day our flight arrived. We were traveling from one side of the city to another in a bus, and then at some point the driver couldn’t proceed because the street was closed. An old man started yelling at the driver, demanding back his money. The driver of course didn’t return his money. People yelling over a few cents, wasting their irreplaceable nerve cells…

What’s the point of freedom, if one gets to live among such people? Where a few banknotes change people’s attitude towards you in a flash? Where friends aren’ friends anymore when you don’t own a Lexus? When you can’t enjoy simple things as sunshine, rain, chill of a dawn?

If I didn’t want anything I would be the richest person on Earth. If I could leave all so-called “friends”, and find a true Friend, I would never be alone. I could be truly free in a prison, surrounded by grim concrete walls, if I was enlightened. Nothing and no one would stop me from helping my nation to become a Central Asian Tiger, even if I’m so dumb. Even in prisons I would write my books, I would seek enlightenment, I would try to inspire other people, even if I lost my own inspiration years ago.

A command and control job would be a prison for me, living for money would be a prison for me, having useless “friends” would be a prison for me. A prison made of concrete and steel wouldn’t be a prison for me at all (at least I think so right now).


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