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Lies and buys of job hunt in private business | March 10, 2008

Why lie to get a job? Many people fear life and any hardships in general. It’s easier to lie, to avoid to blame others. It’s a disease which is further intensified by some HR people. Of course a person with connections is more likely to be hired anywhere in the world, but accepting favors in return for a job…

In some areas secrecy and hgih walls are OK, but not on the job market. Here, secrecy creates corruption. My solution is quite simple;

  • CEO should hire severely honest people as HR, and monitor hiring process closely
  • Internet job sites, specifically made for Turkmenistan are crucial
  • Equal opportunities of employment for everyone, regardless of gender, nationality etc. (so called “equal employment policies”)

This is so obvious, I feel dumb even posting about this 😀


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