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My blogging experience | February 26, 2008

My blogging experience

Many people assume that blogging is only political. Wrong! Blogs can be about design, marketing, cooking, books, driving, whatever 😀 For example this blog is about marketing, innovation, career and my personal rants.

I believe that fasting can really improve productivity, health and happiness level. Why not blog about this. And yesterday I bought toothpaste for my daughter with Tom & Jerry featured on the tube, and a pack of Selpak tissue paper with “serious books” theme on the box. Let’s ponder on customization, packaging and marketing.

Young people use the web for dating, surfing and chatting. Blogging on the other hand requires some discipline (a little bit) and humour. Show me a young person who’s not posessed with opposite gender, loves her motherland, speaks several languages, loves technology, is Internet-savvy and respects national authority. There aren’t many blogs in English, about Turkmenistan, because of lazyness and wrong understanding of the Web. Try telling someone about blogging, and you will definitely hear this question “What’s in it for you?”. Excuse me for not seeing the world through “money & fight” dark sunglasses. I personally refuse to write anything for money or to fight anything at all. My ideal is a person who won’t hurt an ant.

As for blogging platform; WordPress is following normal structure of CSS design and PHP programming. I’m familiar with both. But for average users, it shouldn’t matter whether to use WordPress, Blogspot or Typepad. Most platforms are user-friendly.

Overall, there is no one blocking blogging here, there is no one blocking progress here. People are lazy.


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  1. things u say are very true

    someone should be knowledgeable enough to write on something

    otherwise blogger will end up like me 🙂

    Comment by eshmet — February 26, 2008 @ 3:01 pm

  2. Nurahmet,

    dammit, they put me in a vulnerable position. Whatever-lah. The best is not to react at all.

    Comment by nahili — February 27, 2008 @ 11:15 am

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