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Mistakes of a web designer | February 14, 2008

Mistakes of a web designer

A few days ago one guy asked me if I was a web designer before. Well, I tried to start a business and failed (of course). Other people do make mistakes, but mine are worse;

  1. Starting officially; never do this, one should already have a working business before going official, no one is going to hunt you down for a few trials, pay the taxes later
  2. Advertising; a bad move for a small business, focus on making great products, customers will find you
  3. Missing sleep; trust me, nothing is worth missing a good night’s sleep
  4. Should have designed at least 10 free websites first
  5. Should have researched on special licences for Web related work

Overall, if one plans to start a business there are 2 ways. One is to start and fail and learn. Another is to learn and start and hopefully not fail. I went with the first. Now I learned many things and probably won’t fail this time 😀


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