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My colour is Turkmen | February 9, 2008

My colour is Turkmen

Yesterday I watched the 12 movie. It’s a movie about domestic nazism, corruption and justice. A jury is deciding if a Chechen boy is guilty of murdering his Russian father, who adopting him during the war.

Although from my translations of Gokdepe and other entries it might seem that I’m also somehow nationalistic, I’m not. I sincerely think that people who hide behind subjective qualities of colour, nationality and race, deserve nothing but pity. One cannot rise just because of different blood. A true person gets to challenge herself first, and achieve honour only in objective work.

Any Turkmen citizen is a true Turkmen for me, any human on planet earth (except the really bad, rotten-to-the-core ones) are like siblings to me. I might be not very bright, but I know the difference between patriotic and nationalistic. I love Turkmenistan and try to share the culture okay 😀


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