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Counsel and the gossipers | February 9, 2008

Once they gathered us at school many years ago, and tried to explain the importance of Gokdepe. Of course, the teacher voiced opinion of Dykma serdar’s treason. One guy immediately intervened and said that he wasn’t a traitor…

No one is traitor. Okay. The worst gossip is about our elders who gave their lives for the honour of Turkmenistan. They all fighted, they all died in that battle. We weren’t there, and who the hell is anyone to judge true shahids of Gokdepe?

Only a poor and narrow-minded soul would gossip about those warriors. The counsel is indeeed a place where various solutions are brainstormed and discussed. Some people suggested a different solution, isn’t that a right thing to do on the counsel?

How can we judge people who say;

Allah’s festive day has come – he said. We should glorify this day, and celebrate as we have celebrated many times before. Allah is on our side. A great glory is awaiting us if we win, if we lose – paradise. Let’s attack the enemy like lions, smiling with joy, with our flaming swords drawn. Be brave. There’s no falling back, and there’s no mercy. There’s no better day to die than these days, there’s no day better than that decisive day!


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