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Simple difficult path to respect | January 29, 2008

Simple difficult path to respect
Image from the Internet Movie Database

When Richard Winters asks Lewis Nixon in the “Band of Brothers” series; – How do you manage to earn these guys’ respect. Major Winters answers – Never put yourself in a position when you take from these guys…

Master from Bulgakow’s craft says: Never ask from strong (rich) people, they will give everything themselves.

In interactions with my friends, my dear kinsmen, my neighbors, my co-workers… I sometimes forget about this essential truth. The path to warm feelings among people is giving. Even if they probably won’t mind, even if they like or love you. The one who gives, is the different and true one, that person is the One.

I have a friend who likes to give presents. But as a marketing fan I have no choice but give a bigger present back. Life is strange 😀


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