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I bought lazy clothes | January 26, 2008

I bought lazy clothes
image from The Tao of Making Money

So they (my family) eventually persuaded me that this winter was record cold, and I should buy some warmer clothes. There went my $200 that I was saving for um… I need to save some money right. Anyway, I went shopping.

Since I’m very greedy I bought a good Turkish coat, good Turkish sweater and good (winter) jeans. So that I could wear them for several years. My coat is only zipped, no buttons, my sweater doesn’t even have a zip, and jeans are lazy by definition. I lost all respect for expensive shoes long time ago, so I bought Chinese “Jin Mand Di”. I have no idea what that means, but they’re cheap and I can throw them out after 3 months.

There’s a brand called FUBU (for you by you). I remember how both trendy and lazy their clothes were. Maybe it has something to do with 21st century, we want everything fast and faster.


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  1. Congradulations! Your blog was included in the Central Asia Blog guide by Steppe Magazine

    You really deserve this fame. The Nahili blog is the true innovation on the Turkmen blogosphere.
    Kind regards!

    Comment by Abdulgamid — January 27, 2008 @ 3:37 pm

  2. Thanks for the warm words Abdulgamid!
    Yet, I really don’t care about fame. Any fame is yet another exam; sweet in the beginning, poison in the end.

    If this blog is useful for the people and will help my country develop a little bit faster, then my goal will be accomplished.


    Comment by nahili — January 28, 2008 @ 12:43 am

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